Great Axe and Great Hammer users not affected by stuns

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I just noticed that when using spear sweep or vault kick on GA/GH users while they are in middle of light attack combo, the stun does not seem to apply, its like they have this invisible frame when they light attack, same also happens when they use their skill, and we both set it off at same time, my sweep or vault attack takes no effect but their skill lands

  1. Use spear and find enemy with GA/GH

  2. Use sweep or vault kick while they are attacking
    Stun is applied
    Sometimes it does not land, they are just being moved like its just a collision, no damage no stun

  3. Use sweep or vault attack at the same time as GA/GH skill
    Your skill also lands on them
    Spear skills is ignored, only GA/GH skill applied and you are stunned, but your skills are on cooldown

Not sure if they have skill that nullifies stun, I am not a GA/GH user

Mmm… as far as i know, for GA or WH the only way to prevent cc while doing light attacks, is having 300+ str.
Saying that so, both weapons have masteries to get Grit but only on Heavy Attacks (Grit prevent all kind of CC while you are doing your Heavy attack, but due mechanics, is more efficient in the GA than the WH).

Unless it’s changed since beta, Sweep is ignored by active GRIT.

Vault kick should always work–but it’s easy to miss with. Add in dysnc or just body blocking, moving slightly out of the hit box–then that might be your answer.

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ooh so that’s what GRIT is, well sucks to use spear now, time to hammer

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