Great Axe and War Hammer need a nerf

Great Axe/ War Hammer builds begin to have a dominate majority in the server. As a Mage DPS type, I have my full stats into INT as well as every piece of armor, jewelry, and weapons having INT as there buff. Even with a INT stat of 434, I find myself unable to deal the amount of damage similar to GA and WH. As an example, I have a 600 gear score Void Gauntlet that deals 152 void damage while War Hammers with the same gear score deal 237 strike damage and great axe deals 231 slash damage. That alone is a 79-85 point difference in damage. This is where I have an issue and find that these two handed weapons are over powered. I can understand a slight difference in damage due to the disadvantage of close combat. However, 85 point difference is far too much.

My suggestion is to either make the dps mage weapons increase their damage to be within 30 points of the melee dps damage OR to drop the melee weapons down to be within 30 points of the mage weapons.


Hello @Codiichan ,

Thanks for providing this feedback specially explaining it in such a detailed manner! This is amazing research and extremely valuable for our team. I cant assure Great Axe or War Hammer builds are going to get nerfed, however i will make sure to pass this feedback to our team.

Please also provide this feedback via in game tools:
1.Press ESC, select Game Menu, and then Submit Feedback.
2.Provide a description of the feedback, rate your experience, and then select Submit.

Im happy i was able to help you in this situation! Will keep an eye out on this post in case anyone needs any further assistance.


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Have tried not going full fucking glass cannon having some fucking health works wonders. Also there is diminishing returns above like 200 and only gets worse past 300. Ga/wh have higher base damage due to it being pure melee and you can still hit just as hard if not close to it with the benefit of having ranged attack.


You do see the time to attack is super slow and most their stuff is easily to dodge and they are easy to run from.


I’m confused there are thousands of post on here asking for nerfs but you dicide to pick the one posted 3 minutes ago with zero discussion to pass on to the team.


What needs a nerf is crowd controls on a diminishing return. Every game has this. Being able to be CHAIN flattened by warhammers in a war is absolutely disgusting. Then throw on a petrifying scream and ice rain…guys come on. Just add diminishing returns.


I run 50 con 440int in light while using FS and IG.

They are easy as fuck to kill lol.

Really just comes down to 2 words, get good.

Chain stunning is the only thing that needs fixed from hammer. Outside of that. It’s fine. FS does need a slight damage buff…but otherwise its fine.


Void Gauntlet/Ice Gauntlet will 99% of the time beat a Great Axe/Hammer build…


Wait what? why would you nerf the GA and WH they are the most udner powered weapons in game! VG - and IG are 100% broken weapons there is a exploit being used in wars right now
take a look at Punishing Storm!! I dont wanna say much more but Im sure the devs will see it soon
leave WH and GA alone they need a buff if anything


haha what a joke no damg im full heavy with full ele resist and ice spike hits some insane damg same with ice storm how can u say mage doesnt do damg


so many posts about void gaunts and melee being unplayable all being ignored 1 guy posts ’ ga/wh ’ OP u guys answer :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: i can say for sure those ppl havent even played ga/wh in opr


Basically you want to stand far and do same damage as melee. and after melee using his whole stamina and gap closing skills you just use rapier and kite and TWO SHOT.

Great game

and somehow gets official reply. while, GA, hammer are joke for good Mage + DEX players.

I suggest add M4A1.


Please don’t listen to this guy. I run ig/VG and have zero issues and win the majority of the time against GA due to their lunge nerf, if anything GA needs to have some nerfs reverted.

I honestly believe this guy is new or trolling. I say give GA a proper lunge distance.


It is 1st April ?


Woah there.

GA/WH is not in a bad spot right now. What the OP probably failed to tell you is that the person they were fighting was (95% CI here) wearing Heavy Armor. There really needs to be more incentive to move healers and dps from Heavy Armor.

I would ask your team to look at armor scaling before nerfing GA again. In fact, IG and VG need to be looked at before any melee weapons. IG right now has a lot of bugs attached to it, and VG looks like it’s outperforming GA.

Walk into a few OPR games and you’ll see where the meta is at.

Also - just a plug, WH, along with all CC, also needs some type of diminishing return.


Can’t tell if srs

you cant get chain flattened since 2 flattens in a row result in free dodge roll. Flatten can also be blocked with Grit, it is simply a stronger stagger. However, stuns reset the stagger counter and so you can be chain ccd with flatten → stun → flatten which requires quite some coordination


I am with you that Fire and Ice Gauntlet have underwhelming damage (Ice Spike not included, it is broken) but VG has amazing damage potential due to increased crit chance and debuff as well as damage buff. I would bet good money that sustained DPS of VG is higher than both Great Axe and War Hammer.

So yes, fire and ice damage should be buffed, or better yet, they should focus more on CC and utility but VG damage needs some serious damage nerfs. It should have been a weapon which pairs with LS and provide buffs/debuffs and heals, never the DPS monster it has become.

auto attacks of magic attacks should be buffed but abilities like void blade/ice spike are just broken and have way to mutch damg

I’m a ga/warhammer player now too and I agree with that. They’re still really strong. You can solve this in a very simple way. Restore his old mobility, straighten his hits, instead reduce his overall damage by around 10%. The cc thing is still very strong in Hammer. After eating a cc, if you make immunity to the same cc for 5 seconds, you will get rid of the general cc meta problem.