Great Axe and warhammer

What is your guys opinion on GA and WH considering it is the most played and many say they are op…i just find it incredible annoying since the servers are full of them, and constant CC’ing is spammed…not to mention you cant really escape a good player no matter how many dodges u make. As a bow player, frustrating to be locked in animation vs a ga/wh player.


Well, the GA/WH build is so wide spread because it’s ABSOLUTELY broken. People who play the build will deny this, because they don’t want it to get gutted like mages did. To anyone who wants to argue with me about how it’s “not broken”, then tell me why everyone and their damn mother plays it…… I’ll wait…. Right because the build is, stupid easy to play and BROKEN. The only build that really stood a chance at fighting that build, was FS/IG…… and look where that’s at now. Playing full mage now, means you’re trolling. From being the second best class in the game under GA/WH…. To dead last, in terms of performance. I dare anyone to prove me wrong. AGS fucked this up. I loved this game and my build, and now I’m just playing other games and waiting for them to revert some of the stuff and make my build playable again.


and on top of that, they got grit, witch makes them really unstoppable


I was a mage.
Now I quit this damn game… I can stand all the bugs, I can stand that every GA and WH deal 2k damage on a single light swing… but, damn, I am as a mage as useless as level 6 mobs. The melee simply walk over me after I fired everything in my arsenal with 370 of int just to see that they’ve lost 1/5 of their hp.

I’m full of this bulls***


What are some of the changes that could be made that would improve the balance across these different weapons?

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What are some changes that would make you feel like mages could compete on level ground with melee fighters?

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Well reverting the nerf to the root that only lasts 1 second and is easily avoidable from great axe lunge would be a good start. Every other weapon has an ability or passive that roots for longer than 2 seconds. You cant even root and get a heavy attack off in 1 second.


grit on a few attacks would help mages greatly


I really dont know what could be made, not an expert, but for now it seems to me alot of players play ga/wh just because its op :smiley: ,litterally 75% of server has this build.

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Grit is for people that can’t dodge a mouse. :wink:

Appreciate the additional feedback, definitely noted.


Maybe you should start checking Xaryu video he posted which got alot support.

@NW_Mugsy And if you got alot of time check the 8 hour version:


Give mage damage.
The firestaff is useless.
Really I have to AIM to hit and with more than 300 int, a 599 firestaff I do less than 800 damage on a heavy armor.
I have a FPS background and I’m really good to hit, but I can’t win against a melee warrior. Simply I can’t. When the firestaff did damage the melee warriors had to dodge and change directions, now they simply charge because are not scared anymore.
And I die, die, and die, and die. Great Axe… GA GA GA GA GA.
And the Warhammers… stun stun stun.
And you can’t escape.

You see? That is the game a mage is playing by now.

Give the firestaff some damage again.


I think maybe changing the Great axe lunge with light attacks a little bit would help mages and other classes out without nerfing anything to aggressively. Possible change it so there is no lunge forward with light attacks but you have to charge your attack a bit to get a lunge. Maybe this would give enough time to create a gap window short enough to escape for mages. Possibly change hatchet to scale with dex primarily also. Its better to start with small changes first and seeing how they work before goin balls deep nerfs like you guys did to the ice gauntlet and ruining a weapon.


Well the healer class hasnt it easy also. Also 12+ nerfs, and we get pinballed around by hammers/axe. Cant heal, because of the perma stun by some wild group of Axe/Hammer players.


There is a long list, but the biggest issue is we cannot get them off of us. Even in Light Armor if you do a light roll, the lunge from GA goes as far or further than the roll so it is worthless. Our only defense was to CC them or Entomb, but those have both been nerfed to the ground.

Entomb breaks in 2-3 GA light attacks, which they can do before Gravity Well even ends.

Ice Shower is on such a long CD that it is very unreliable and not available often enough to keep GA’s off of us, especially in group combat. Not to mention that anyone can just dodge right through the ice shower and be completely unaffected by it, which good players can do nearly every time you ice shower.

Beyond those abilities, Ice Spikes has a very specific hitbox and it extremely difficult to land precisely for maximum damage unless the target is rooted. This is a problem, as root is more unreliable now than ever before (see above). This ability needs to be given a bigger hitbox, and the final major spike shouldn’t push opponents out of the Spiky Reach shard hitboxes. This happens way too often, where you get a major spike hit but then the opponent is just pushed back and they do not take the full damage from this ability. It would also go a long way if you made the Major Spike hit when it impacts an enemy, rather than forcing a left click to make it manually explode earlier. In high latency environments and chaotic combat situations, manually clicking at the correct timing is a very unreliable to do.

Ice Pylon is still incredibly weak and unusable. It dies in 2-3 light attacks, like Entomb, and it does very minimal damage. In reality what Ice Pylon is is a free heal for hammer players, since they can just run up to it and use any Crowd Crusher ability with the Prevailing Spirit perk to get a free 35% lifesteal (+whatever % from gear - 5-10).

Wind Chill is not doing what it should be doing. It takes a second for the pushback to actually happen, so if you use it while a GA is doing a LA and they are within roll range, they will go right through your wind chill and still hit you. They can also reap you, maelstrom you, grav well you, the list goes on. It’s worthless in its current state.

Fire Staff needs most of its damage back, and bug fixes. Right now, Fireball is a very underwhelming ability. I know you guys said it never crit, but it did crit. It got all the crit damage bonuses you had from perks, plus the crit damage bonus you got from your weapon. Maybe it didn’t do a full crit like it normally would, but damage numbers definitely went up. It’s very disheartening that now the Empowering Fireball perk works, which should make my fireball feel amazing, but it is instead doing less damage than pre-patch without it.

Fireball’s “Catch” perk also does not work unless you get an actual direct hit on someone. It should work on the explosion if you get the full damage, not just if you get a direct hit on a target.

Burn Out should not have any startup, or at least should have significantly less than it does now. It is supposed to help you get away, but it gets interrupted constantly when you have a GA, WH, or VG on you. It’s extremely reactable by the enemy, and they can get you out of it in so many ways that it’s not serving its purpose.

Watch it Burn perk does not work at all.

Clear Casting only works after you get hit once. It shouldn’t require that you get hit, then not get hit again for 3s to work. Doesn’t make sense.

There is more, but I know you already have a ton of feedback from others in various threads. This is my 2c from 680 hours of fire/ice. I don’t enjoy any other weapon combo, so I am still fire/ice, but it is not an enjoyable experience at the moment.


Well thats the point of heavy armor with gems. Its for tanks, unfortunately if your running light armor your never meant to win that exchange. Everyone has a roll in pvp and our roll is not to take on tanks, we go for medium or light armors, im sure you do plenty damage to anythin other than heavy. Also i have tried running heavy as a mele and without elemental gems i get destroyed by mages

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The great axe light and heavies are extremely strong, specifically the homing and forward lunge/momentum with each click of the mouse.

Blood lust is the ultimate “you can never get away” skill, it needs to be looked into. Maybe make it a triggerable skill instead of 24/7 passive.

iFraming through Ice Shower/Musket Trap feels bad. Change my mind :slight_smile:

Warhammers when (path of destiny/shockwave) used in succession by multiple players is devastatingly annoying with lack of counterplay ability unless your rapier riposte is up or you simply dash away (fletch/charge/firedash/etc)

Mages damage is fine and requires good positional awareness right now, really like where they’re at if great axes ability to always be ontop of a mage is toned down


When a player – who wants to play the game – cannot play the game because of an improper design wherein a CC chain renders gameplay useless what you end up with is a fundamental game design flaw…

There’s too much CC + DMG + Survivability at the intersection of great axe / hammer / heavy armor. Some immediate options:

  • Heavily reduce the dmg (and healing) done by users in heavy armor far beyond what was done in 1.1. Think something like an active 50%+ pro-active nerf specific to heavy
  • Introduce CC immunity on a per type basis (stun, stagger, root)
  • Reduce the forms of CC in the game and distribute them better across weapons. People want to play – not be CCd. Guild Wars was a great game in this regard wherein playing around debuffs was far more prevalent and deep than the current “everyone run hammer; cc everyone to oblivion; make dmg”. There’s just no effective counter play to that
  • To that end, in keeping CC, add counter-play both in the form of ACTIVE anti-cc, ie beacon has a passive that purges CC from people in range, anti CC pots, etc. Likewise passive in the form of gems that heavily reduce CC effects, et al

I dislike CC immunity.

We should make the Freedom perk more beneficial. (Reduce CC time more or gain something when CC to allow counter play of Warhammer zergs in war and OPR)

Yes this

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