Great Axe Gravity Well Disappearing when hits objects?

I have tested this and it seems post-patch Gravity Well disappears when thrown and hits an object aka a building/tree/mountainside etc, is this intended?



Could u post a video?


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It disappears alot right now.




Same thing for beacon and mending Orb. Disappearing 90-% of the time…. Wtf is this coding… FIX PLS……


Embarrassing that this patch went live with this major bug. How was this missed on ptr? Or did Ags implement new code into live that was never tested in ptr… Again…

Great Axe’s Gravity Well and Life Staff’s Orb of Protection and Beacon no long work as intended. Before you could cast it and it would either activate when it hits a structure or player or activate when it reaches its maximum cast distance. Now, it requires it to hit an enemy or player. You cannot cast Gravity Well or Orb and Beason at the ground and have it activate. Doing so causes it to disappear.

This stuff was all known and reported on PTR. It amazes me how they still release a patch with known broken combat bugs month after month.


They knew this bug existed in PTR, it’s was the pressure of releasing PVE content that made them choose to go forward.

crazy its gotten me killed and in plenty of bad situations in opr also, is actually pretty game breaking to pvp and pve experience leaving it there.

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Reported this on ptr sad its not fixed :frowning:

It painful to play opr at this point.


Amazon games are so incompetent with these updates why release this crap and not be in a rush to fix it? How long will beacon be broken? 1 month? 2? more??? Again AGS are slow & lazy people!


What The F*** ?

Same thing is happening to gas arrow. If you hit the ground or wall or something the gas disappears, the same with grav well and some other healer projectile but I’m not sure which one, beacon maybe?

Seems like any special ability that makes collision with the world disappears.

Yeah happens every now and then…

I just test it and I can confirm it and it’s not just every now and then, it’s all the time.

This must be introduced with yesterday’s hot fix because before that I was in multiple opr (didn’t do opr since the hotfix) and everything was fine

That would make more sense if the pve content wasn’t also broken lol

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Well, mine has a different pattern. I guess it varies for each person. Right now mine is working as intended. Only ever so often it disappears.

I’m not sure about Gravity Well, but Orb of Protection is only able to hit hostiles and actual dirt. It will go through man made structures, mountains and even rock formation until it hits dirt. I imagine that Gravity Well is doing something similar.