Great axe-Gravity well

Gravity Well ability seems bugged, several times it act like orb of protection and beacon acts on LS bug, it vanishing like 60% of the times when cast on ground and the effect dont occur.

Its bugged… was reported in the first week of the PTR for medleyfare but the devs still let it go live… it also affects orb of protection, beacon, fireball and probably others…

Add it to the long list of stuff that gets reported and ignored in the PTR and you have to wonder why we even test this game for them???


Here’s a video of the bug in action with beacon and orb of protection.
I have been reporting this bug every day in-game, and I suggest everyone do the same until they finally address and fix it. It seriously diminishes gameplay drastically. I reported this bug on the first day of the Summer PTR over a month ago.

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