Great Axe & Hammer Too OP

I’ve played New World since Day 1, Never played in the Betas, I’ve always used Intel Builds, Dipped my feet into Dexterity builds for fun.

2 Days ago I decided to craft myself a Str gear set at around 540 GS and purchased my Gaxe and Whammer off of the trade posts. The next 10 Out Post Rushes I was at 20+ Kills with over 500k in dmg per up to 800k.

I would like to say that I am a decent player and have played MMOs since 2007, but I believe that with the minimum experience I’ve had with both the Gaxe Weapon and the Whammer weapon, I shouldn’t have highest kill and such.

This isn’t a flex on my skills, This is an honest opinion on the 2 weapons. I feel like they are Over Powered in Comparison to the rest.

“I have ran into a few players that counter these 2 weapons greatly. It is also very possible to beat 1v1 as I have done it on multiple occasions, but still slightly over tuned.”

Also playing in Medium armor. “Heavy Helm / Chest” " Medium Pants" “Light gloves and Boots”


both weapons are op, I have an intelligence and constitution build, I usually use an ice gauntlet and a big ax with an ice gem or sometimes a hammer with an electricity gem, and I hit like a truck, hahaha, now imagine using a build of str, the blows you give are not like a truck, but like a meteorite.
I agree with you, these weapons must be nerfed, or at least revised, because their damage and CC are exaggerated.


Very very Exaggerated. But as you know, when they had the interview with one of the Devs, he stated that he Mains a Great Axe and a War Hammer because he loved the idea of wielding such massive weapons LOL.

That obviously shows how Biased he is towards the game he is developing.


:kiss: sorry you died

I disagree m, they’re not at all OP. It’s easy to get outplayed, firetaff/ice gauntlet/void gauntlet are still too strong etc.

Yes I recently switched to great axe warhammer and no it hasn’t at all affected my bias on the state of the weapons.

PS - love doing more damage with my great axe at 200 strength than I did with a fire staff at 300 int.

LMAO… thanks for proving my point…



All weapons can feel OP when your fighting more or less bad players. A vast majority of players in this game suck at playing ranged classes, kiting, and managing CDs. Many come from hotbar MMOs or basic Action games, they aren’t high skill players.

I guarantee if you played against on of the strong pvp mages or dex players in my company, you would get demolished. I have also fought other melee’s and absolutely demolished them in war and OPR.

Vast majority of players in this game are just not good and unless your a top player against actual competition in WAR/OPR, people should be keeping their comments about balance to a minimum.

Hammer? Nah, I don’t feel like it’s anything impressive, as it’s mainly used as a utility weapon than it is as a damage. The problem however is the combo with other weapons makes it a strong tool to use. there was a discussion before about giving players a duration of CC immunity to prevent constant stagger locks (since the “Stun” in PvP is mainly garbage, but it’s still a great tool to interrupt), so as to prevent zergs from winning by simply spamming interrupts.

bro wym, i go full heavy con build and hit these noob light armor nerds for 5000. its great and fun, thanks ags for giving me the ability to finally kill these guys. all the while they do 500 a hit to me LEL.

No idea why…

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Which is what I mean by being too OP for weapons.

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