Great Axe has the best of everything

Charge. But it’s comparable distance to Path of Flames and Fleche? Sure, but those abilities don’t have Grit.
Lunge on Basic Attacks? Seriously this is just a terrible decision, and implemented even worse. It’s one of two weapons that have it, and it’s so perfectly timed so that it will follow a dodge roll and still do damage after the roll is complete.
Bloodlust. Enough said

Crowd Control:
Gravity Well. Do I need to say more?

Crowd Control immunity:
Malestrom, Grit.
Grit on Basic / Heavy Attacks. I know this is a strength perk issue vs the great axe having an issue, but combined with basic lunges, it makes the great axe extremely hard to peel off a target.

By far the highest melee damage numbers in PvP

Damage Resistance:
Maybe it’s a heavy armor issue, maybe it’s base great axe damage issue, regardless, the amount of damage this weapon can put out while being reasonably tanky is ridiculous.


You also dont need to aim it because it hits for a literal 180 degree arc in front of you. Compare that to say a spear which you have to actually hit with the point of the spear.


i would recommend you use it before thinking it’s “OP” cuz i admit it is a strong weapon but you can still get annoyed fighting other weapons

you need to try a weapon to know its weaknesses and figure out how to counter it


You think the New World logo is two hachets? Look closer.

All hail, The Two Great Axes.

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Charge also has no wind up time, while FS “charge” has a full second wind up and wind down time.

Best distance closer. Great CC. Extremely high damage. Lowest skill floor of any weapon. Combo’d with War Hammer which is hard CC, this combination is absolutely broken.

But hey, the head designer of New World is a GAxe/WH main so I wonder why it’s OP.


They were told all of this before PTR, during PTR and after PTR but they still released the gaxe buffs.

They don’t listen or care about how broken gaxe is from what I can tell, they are happy that gaxe can lunge half way across the screen and chop down squishy healers and range classes… The only counter is another Gaxe/WHam or a good ice gauntlet user.

Gaxe auto lock > dodge rolls. You basically can’t escape.

It also seems void blade (void gauntlet) also got some similar auto lock love… All hail the melee race.

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Firstly you cannot have 4 abilities, ok lets make mobility less range then melee can’t close gaps and get kited forever, lets talk about our .25 second root vs the ice gauntlets 5 second root/slow that leaves us 100% unable to fight back or do anything while stuck in it while they pelt us with range abilities. (also don’t mention how pretty much everything melee can be dodged but you cannot dodge through out of into before or during ice wall OR use unstoppable abilities to go through or get out of it.)

lunge on basic attacks, ok remove that now everyone can just walk out of everything because we’re rooted to the ground when attacking and unable to chase or move making it impossible to kill any moving targets.

Clearly you have no idea what it is like playing melee and just complain when on the receiving end, but you are right ranged should just be able to pelt melee and when melee gets close just run away and be unkillable and have longer mobilities to get away from the melee so they can create a gap that the melee had to take damage to get close enough to even start doing damage and then when the melee is finally there they try to attack and get rooted to the ground and cant lunge or move while attacking and watch the ranged walk off again and again and again, they already do this plenty and full heal and make it near impossible to ever kill them.

There is so much in this game that is broken and so much in this game that is soo bad including the combat but we have people who have no clue how the other side functions coming in here saying how they want to be immortal and XYZ weapon is overpowered without ever playing it properly themselves and seeing how frustrating it is with this combat style to kill anyone who doesn’t stand still for you or make it easy.

Here, swallow this That is why meta is Heavy/Hammer/GAxe

I think it is already well known how strong the GA is. I mean, this is why the community has been mad the past few days (because of the GA/hammer buffs).

I don’t know if you’re trying to shed some light on the issue or what, but the developers already decided they don’t care about GA being so strong and the community knows it so yeah, have a good day/night!

Are you seriously arguing GA is not op?

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Pretty much, like hatchet, just stunlocks you every single hit so you can’t even weapon swap.

Truly a skillbased weapon /s

I had my wife try great axe. She doesn’t play video games much, but she was actually pretty effective. She just had to keep pressing the left mouse button. She unlocked a few mastery and unlocked three abilities. I didn’t see her using them but she killed stuff pretty fast.

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Same here! My wife goes with Great Axe. She just left clicks thru combat. She has some skills, but she doesn’t bother to use them, because light attacks just deal decent damage and she doesn’t need to aim or time them with the lunge effect.

The only skills she needs to use is those from Sword&Shield, when she’s tanking.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea that there is a weapon or two that have a really approachable and easy to learn for hyper-casual players.
It’s just that it becomes silly, when a weapon can do so much while demanding so little from the player, while most other weapons demand much higher timing/combo skill from the player to even match Great Axe’s left click.

which weapons are you playing?

You are talking about GA as “melee”, while talking about us melee players. But I stopped playing GA because it’s too OP, and I hate playing the meta. I am now playing Hatchet spear, and you talk about the lunge as something GA really need. I am in a spear that doesn’t have lunge, it feels like it has less range than the GA, and you are trying to tell us here that the GA is in a good shape ? The lunge needs to be nerfed away from light attacks. Yes you can have lunge on heavy and fully charged, but on light attacks… and with a 180 degrees auto aim arch ? No way! Spear should have more of a lounge than GA. That weapon needs aim, and in normal human motion you kinda lunge while you do a spear attack in real life, so it makes sense to give it a little push forward.

The GA is OP. its not horribly OP, but it is OP to the extent that it needs looking in to.

And another thing. To talk about the Great axe and hammer combo. In a duel GA and hammer is fine. The animations are predictable, and you can mostly skip away from the CC’s with good awareness. The problem with this GA/hammer combo is shown in mass scale PvP like wars and OPR. The problem is that the hammer doesn’t have any diminishing returns on the CC, so if you have 5 hammers, and stamina to skip out of 3 CC’s, you will still get gang CC’ed into oblivion. It makes OPR horribly boring atm, and the other weapon builds less viable. combined with 300 str grit. GA/hammer is so OP and out of place right now.

Please add some sort of diminishing return on the CC.

Imo everything about it is fine except for that ridiculous light attack LUNGE + tracking.


I’d decrease the lunge, remove the pull on the heavy attack and make the tracking work only for the first half of the swing. Then give it’s attacks stagger to reward good positioning. But also lower attack speed so you can’t stagger as often or stagger lock on your own.

Right now the great axe offers a huge amount of output with low risk and a skill ceiling so low you’ll bump your head if you don’t get on your hands and knees.

I’m legitimately Mastery 20 on all weapons, I appreciate your concerns though.

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