Great Axe Now has Infinite Speed / Haste?

Just curious…

Saw a GAxe guy run by me while I was berserking and running towards town. I asked how it was happening, he said they buffed GAxe “I am supposed to get a speed buff when I kill something. They fixed it so it lasts all the time now.”

Is this the case? Kill a turkey or bunny for perma-haste?

Lol no it’s a bug

Yup I was like Flash is here!!!

100% a bug and reported! We have a team looking into this :eyes::running_man:


You talk about the one when enemy is 15m away from you?

Naw, there’s evidently one where you can get bloodlust on and keep it running without enemies around, and another where you get a movement buff from a kill with your axe that never ends.

They’re posted a few places.

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