Great Axe TOO meta?

Every MMO I have ever played with a form of PVP starts out with ranged being the best, then melee gets boosted and they are the best, then range gets boosted again and they are the best, etc. Personally, I would like to see longer wars and more siege being focused on using, not just capture three points and zerg zerg zerg. Imagine if they added more terrain effects, like if your wading through water, trudging through the sludge, grass to hide in, etc. Imagine if they turned off all enemy nameplates, and you could only see your sides name plates how cool it would be to hide in tall grass for an ambush, etc. Okay, I have woke up from my dream now, lol.

melee actually probably needs even more mobility. See, melee are required to be close to thing to do any damage at all.

why use light armor?
more damage, more mobility. light armor and GH isn’t mutually exclusive, there is no reason to

you look it as, I should be able to avoid a melee user easily, no. players aren’t there just to gratify ranged characters.

light armor is irrelevant to a discussion about greataxe. they aren’t mutually exclusive, also great axe has a specific playstyle.

I think people are taking advantage of a perk or something to do this no? Personally this was pissing me off as well so i got my friends to test it with me and we can not figure out how to do it. All 4 of them can not do it so there has to be a catch to being able to pull it off.

Even with three dodges in Medium armor, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get out of the range of ONE light/heavy attack lunge that aims for you. I literally see Great Axe users teleport from position to position. How is this even fair?? No other weapon allows for such abilities - none!

Blood Lust a powerful ability, near impossible to escape !

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Thought I would share this encounter I had today: Let's talk about Great Axe's Commando Pro perk

Great Axe has the ability to lunge forward 3 body lengths with no abilities and kill you. Love it Amazon Games! Great balancing here.

@Blanketparty check this out

Wtb armor penetration on dexterity to counter heavy metal and all Dex weapons are kinda bad ATM so this should help. Kinda makes sense too since stabbing weapons like rapier would generally be aimed for gaps in armor and so on

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Yeah that lunge is very wrong, you are a heavy armor with heavy axe but can dash miles closing the gap advantage of light armors easily, rolling is not an option cause they can either pull you or stun you, the stun can even cancel dodge roll and flesche, heck they even attack as fast as a sword, and run as fast as light armor, wish they can balance it more change the meta

I also think it slightly further than the rapier fleche gapcloser aswell it seems which is a more light/ agile weapon in comparison

whut… healers are unkillable vs any great axe user if they are built properly.

it doesnt the meta is fire staff aoe spam

thats how it is in every mmo that has pvp you guys cant just expect to one shot every healer you see my god

I was not complaining. I was just telling the guy who was crying healers die to great axe lol.
fun fact. I actually do more dmg to people on my warhammer. 3k crits heavy are nice.

the game is super aids to catch up because there is no actual stamina to sprint. light armor can dodge roll ani cancel with weapon swap (and yes, that outruns heavy armor IF you are not in blood lust range, outrun by a lot).

the game needs to favor melee to gap closes, as any other game is like that. usually the melee on most mmos have access to gap closing skills, or usually more tools than ranged for balancing combat. otherwise all you can do as ranged is chip dmg, cc, and run away forever without having any threat. i see some skilled mages do it all the time.

you have tyo understand, the dmg increase from armor is not overall dmg increase, is base weapon dmg increase, so it turns out to be a lot less than 20, or 10%.

but yes, if you run that, you chose to get a better dodge roll. but you gotta BE GOOD to keep the distance or you will die.

fire mage and ice gauntlet have several tools to stop a great axe from gap closing, you have a dash that goes farther than charge, you have a lot of cc/roots, slows.
healers can pair their life staff with cc or tanky weapons to build time to heal and walk away.
but you DENY a melee from chasing you is anti game. because then everyone would just play ranged characters. the game alone is already hard to catch up people. imagine taking away the mobility skills /gap close skills just because you think you are entitled to run forever and ever from a melee character.

this is not a FPS game.

Glad more and more are seeing and agreeing with the braindead combat decisions. Here is hoping upstairs catches on and guts these weapons and bring back stagger :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry that the GA/WH will be nerfed and your two viewers will have to watch you struggle to learn weapon combinations that actually require you to think, aim, and position yourself.

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What?? Since patch 1.0.5 dex weapons shred all armor types. Especially bows.

The greataxe, in real life was a weapon that brought victory to any force that wielded it. The axe is better for attacking a single opponent equipped with a shield, heavy armor, or both.
It will break armor and shields in real life…

So, the greataxe in-game should be a superior weapon.

If you are a bow user in real life, and a greataxe wielder comes upon you… you are dead… Fact.

What they need to do is make weapons like the bow have more punch…
But to be honest, there are weapons in this game that are far superior to a weapon like a bow if you are fighting in close quarters.

The bow on the other hand should be far, far superior when used at a distance.

learn how to use your skills better. I can give you some names of some mages in my guild that beat a lot of great axe and warhammer players.
if you can’t dodge warhammer abilities then you need to play osu or something to improve your reaction time.

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Mages in this game have a very easy braindead time, much more braindead than melee for 2 reasons. 1 braindead weapons, skills and passives. 2 actual game bugs and exploits. So yes…mages can win…

That one time someone x beat someone y that one and only one time doesn’t count.

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