Great Axe, Warhammer, Voidbent Armor - My review of playing against these weapons/armor combinations

TL;DR at the bottom.

Since 1.1 I’ve been dabbling with new weapon combinations to find off-meta or lesser known builds that could wreck havoc in open PvP/OPR games and have been able to find some very viable builds that I look forward to using. However, there’s a clear issue that occurs across the board for all of these builds: fighting a great axe player with 300 str for the GRIT attribute perk.

Spear is completely unviable as most 300 STR builds will rock pieces of voidbent for critical damage mitigation and easy CON attribute points. Even with the added damage against players with GRIT, the spear lacks in damage output against these builds as most of the damage from the spear relies on utilizing your CC well, which is negated with the 300 STR perk.

Bow is in the same situation, though has more outplay ability granted you hit your shots consistently AND utilize your environment and disengage well. Bloodlust makes this much more difficult than it should.

Rapier falls in line with the Bow & Spear, though definitely is viable with efficient usage of Riposte. Pure INT rapier/magic weapon builds tend to be the most viable against a Great Axe/Voidbent combo as the reliance on critical hits is much lower.

Fire staff and Ice gauntlet (not used in tandem, just in general) have been the best counters to a great axe that I’ve used thus far. However, Fire Staff is extremely limited in many cases considering it will heavily rely on cc or disengage from another weapon. In OPR, I can use a Fire Staff & Great Axe combination for a Burnout → Charge combo to create distance. Bloodlust can still cover the ground that i just created within seconds, though I can manage with medium armor weight and well-timed dodges (granted the player against me is at best a tactically average player using a Great Axe which is quite common).

Musket has a tough time altogether against heavy armor, so it’s hard to tell if this is due to the combination of GA/Voidbent.

Void Gauntlet does provide very good debuffs and is even better if the opponent is using food to cover attribute thresholds. It’s clunky, but it can win a fight against a Great Axe/Voidbent combination if played well. However, and segueing into my next point, even a well-practiced Void Gauntlet player can be outdone by a left click GAxe spam if they get hit by a single Shockwave via Warhammer.

As we all know at this point, Warhammer has become a crucial part of wars, outpost rush, and general PvP. It’s CC and overall synergy with heavy armor and tankier builds is nearly unmatched and is a great secondary weapon for many players. That being said, it’s an extremely vital weapon that pairs with the Great Axe flawless because of both of their ease of use.

What would I do to fix this?

  1. I think DEX based items are actually in a very good spot and don’t need much more balancing. They are consistent damage dealers and rely on critical damage as well as CC (which they should). Don’t make any changes to these weapons until we make changes to any of the below points

  2. The 300 STR attribute GRIT perk needs to go. It’s too strong of an attribute perk compared to other attribute perks in the same category. The STR perk should be reworked to provide a minus-armor weight bonus (in the case of current medium STR loadouts being Heavy helm, Heavy chest, Medium gloves, Medium Boots, and Light Pants, the bonus could instead allow for the same loadout except they could now wield Heavy pants for instance and still have a medium carry weight).

  3. The Great Axe can be nerfed with one of two changes: damage on single target players being decreased (as the weapon should be best suited for AoE encounters anyways) OR swing speed being increased (so each swing takes longer). I don’t think both changes should happen as it would probably gut the Great Axe, but I do think one of these would provide significant balance in both PvP and PvE.

  4. With the changes in 1.1 I’ve actually been able to adjust to Warhammer Shockwave spam a little bit more as the Sundering Shockwave perk nerf really made a noticeable difference. I don’t think Shockwave needs more of a nerf at this point, I’d actually wish they made changes to Path of Destiny instead. Path of Destiny’s initial ground slam should come as one big slam (same distance) instead of three staggered slams. It’s hard to distinguish which slam I need to dodge given the state of the client-server interactions and how to server handles my positioning in reference to the slams.

EDIT: (Forgot about Bloodlust): 5. Bloodlust activation should happen only when the target is below 50% HP. It doesn’t make sense why this perk can be active at all times. What’s the point of haste on builds with Bloodlust?

TL;DR: I believe changes to the 300 STR perk, Great Axe attack speed OR single target damage output, and Path of Destiny changes would provide a positive impact in PvE and PvP for all players. It would make STR based weapons more consistent and allow for tankier 300 STR builds (which from my experience is fine if the tanks aren’t doing more consistent damage than the glass cannon builds). Bloodlust having an activation only when the target is below 50% HP would make Great Axe players chase down their prey better, but not have an infinite haste boost to players trying to keep the gap between them wide.


Nice feedback, 100% agree :slight_smile:

I really like that idea with Path of Destiny, just one big thunderous slam and be done with it, and yes, the biggest, glaring issue is attribute scaling is all backwards. You should never have higher scaling in the beginning, terrible scaling later in attribute allocation, it just means niche builds get punished heavily and hybrid builds become overglorified. A Tank being DPS is just illogical, this ain’t Dark Souls! Lol. With a reversal on attribute scaling, people who went 300 STR would still have the same damage output, just not as much ridiculous health and be squishier, as it should be if you go full damage.

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