Great Axe's light/heavy attacks being able to lunge 3-4 body lengths is completely unacceptable

Dear AGS

No way a weapon that does all of the below so well:

  • Crowd control
  • Creating space
  • Closing distance
  • Do extremely high damage
  • Have incredible close to medium range capabilities
  • Apply stun locks (esp. with the popular War Hammer combo)
  • Chase targets
  • Group targets up

Can also do the following right?

I took six screenshots, and Great Axe is able to traverse 3-4 (!!!) body lengths, more than even what my three dodges can do, and still kill me. Note that even if the hit doesn’t connect, the lunge still moves him forward. He can just keep swinging until the lunge catches up to me.


No weapon in the game has this lunge + auto-aim ability. None! None of the melee weapons have it, none of the ranged have it, but only the Great Axe, which is already incredible without this crazy range, has it.

Not to add - the Great Axe lunges ignore slows (as shown in my Ice Storm) and ignores being rooted (in Ice Storm, not shown here).

Did Modern Warfare 2 leak into New World and there’s Command Pro that we don’t know about? There is no way one weapon (combo’d with another weapon) is supposed to do this much right?

New World is a game about skillful PVP + outplays. You can use movement, dodges, and abilities to outplay your opponents. Where on earth does this clip show any skill or outplay to you, AGS?

FYI - this is the meta on our server now for all Outpost Rush, War, Open World PVP, and more. It is very fun to play against. Very fun.


It does it all.


like 90% melee user use greataxe and WH/Hatchet at this point


I love PVP in this game. It’s so much fun when you can outplay your opponents with well-timed dodges and ability usage.

There is NOTHING I could have done better in those two engagements. I quite literally used all of my abilities to get away. Meanwhile Mister Great Axe here clicks LMB twice and chops me up.

Love it!


The strongest weapon is also the easiest one to play. Sick balance

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imagine playing fire staff / ice gauntlet and complaining of other specs.

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Do remember the Gaxe has bugs that make it even better,

Known Advantage Bugs
  • Gravity well duration lasting longer than intended

  • Charge going over the written distance (10m)

But also make it worse

Known Disadvantaged Bugs
  • 250 Str - Animation lock

  • Reap giving enemies an anti cc dodge roll

If they nerf the Great Axe then I expect the developers to nerf Light Armor’s ability to escape. I use the GA and it’s hard enough to catch up to them. All they ever do is run away. Removing GA mobility will make Light Armor users even better during PvP/Duels. I’ve just seen a video of a Light Armor user escaping 20 other players, and most of them had GA. Quit your complaining.

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I can’t upvote this enough, i’ll add this video to the list:

You have charge and bloodlust to catch up peope running away, reap and gravity well to stop them and do damage, and then you still have another weapon (mostly WarHammer) to lock them in place. There is no need for this lunge

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Agreed, it’s stupid overpowered. It alone renders all kinds of kiting and positioning tools in the game obsolete.

bro thats deadass, It feels like they dont want us to play PVP with weapon variety at this point

On the other handm you have weapons like the rapier where if the enemy walks half a centimeter then you are left attacking the air so you cant even continuously attack enemies without your evade.

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Not shown because it isn’t true… Nice try.

lol I thought the same thing. Funny stuff. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I mean just open your eyes and look at the video he posted, the GA user at the beginning is in the ice shower and keep jumping forward.

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I think he meant Ice shower since he said “being rooted” and said it is not being shown. And that is is a lie. The GA swings will not prevent you from being rooted in place, unable to do nothing and killed in 3 seconds by an Ice Gauntlet. Even in heavy armor with elemental gems.
Honestly, if you are loosing to melee as an IG user, you are just bad.

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You complaining when you already have 3 abilities to keep enemies close, plus this is the only weapon that works that way, most of the time people just holding W with heavy armor eating crayons while spamming LMB. The whole point of the light armor is to be mobile and but you take considerably more damage which already happens, dealing with a light armor melee player doesnt seem to be an issue cuz is completely unviable, only “class” thats usable in most situations with light armor is INT. Guys please read this essay on why GA requires a lot of skill.

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Oh please. I kill more players and a lot quicker with my Firestaff and Ice Gauntlet. The reason I even use the Great Axe is because I like the mechanics. This whole forum is wholly unaware of the true OP weapons in the game.

If Greataxe/Hammer isn’t OP, why do competitive guilds run 25-30 GA/WH in wars and only around 5 mages?

PVP is broken right now on the PTR and the worrying thing is that the main problems have not only gone unaddressed but in some cases have gotten worse.

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