Great Axe's light/heavy attacks being able to lunge 3-4 body lengths is completely unacceptable

Yep. If anything needs an auto-aim it is ranged weapons BUT it should only track weakly when a player uses a crazy ability that makes them fly off to the side. Normal run / dodge shouldnt track.

Also mage AOE doesnt stack, but GA/hammer stuns do stack.

Unless you just run from the GA user and never turn around. Your only hope is going full glass cannon and hoping to kill him before another ranged user kills you

Which on live isn’t really possible if they are in voidbent with some decent gems…

On the PTR, you won’t even hit 50% of their health. It’s insane. Even if you play perfectly, land all of your abilities, you still won’t be able to beat them. Actually just insane and unfathomable that these are the proposed balancing changes.

Nerf this and the counter to GA is just the W key

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