Great idea for MMO undone by Team Leaders that can't make up their mind

Is it a PvP …Is it a PvE…whatever it is it is on fire and cashing down to Earth at terminal velocity.

Make up your minds or resign ,give chance to somebody else to fix your mess ,you are incapable of doing so.

Half baked updates ,knee jerk reaction fixes …won’t work until you have clearly defined idea about game that you want to create.At this moment it is neither PvP nor PvE nor Hybrid …non of it is working.

Latest clusterfuck of update has undone economy that bots started destroying …instead of increasing xp to slow down progress and in that way partially fix economy …what do you do …introduce brain dead update that floods market with gazillion more resources.Your PvE players are quitting …Your PvP players will quit soon after as they have attention span of a mayfly.

You have already shown to us that you can rotate map,move things around …do so again

1.Move all Orichalum nodes to Cleave
2.Move all end game quests to Cleave
3.Move all chest runs to Cleave
4.Designate Cleave as always PvP zone ( on death drop entire inv including weps/armor and s on) that way PvP ferals get their request fulfilled .
5 Revert PvP luck to save economy and thus game
6. Reintroduce gold into fishing chests,move fishing chests to hotspots in zones 50 + could introduce other rares into chests
7.Remove link between Platinum and gold,gold and silver,introduce new ore as base ore for making Asmodeum,place that new ore into 60 + zones only.
8.To support player own cities …make different cities have different crafting stations …example …First Light gets cooking station/arcana/weaponsmith …Everfall gets stonecutting/leather/weaving…and so on
9.Tweak Void armor
10.Reduce cost of repair or increase gold drops
11.Fix Void gauntlet …useless atm
Feel free to add

Is it? Or is that what the paid shills from india spamming doom on the forums want you to think?

It is

Servers tell full story

there are 60 players on my server atm…before i logged out

No point in playing as they broke everything with one single patch

What should i do …farm resources …and put where ,every single bank that i have on map is full
selling it is not worth it.
do a chest run …and get gray and green stuff from chests in 60 + zone
do quests …with enemies even in 40 zones requiring 10 + infused health potions to kill
all professions leveled to 200 apart from furnishing
Nothing meaningful to do

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