GREAT JOB on resolving queue issues!

Great job on fixing the login and queue issues. I have had ZERO issues with queues or logging in since the first 2 days. Good work getting it straightened out. But I still want to be able to make beer in the game…

WHAT??? I joined a sever that was away from streamers, and to this day still have 6h+ ques, and i’m STILL getting kicked out mid-que!!!

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No offense Matrota, but streamers aren’t the only issue. A lot of times, if it’s got a ‘cool server name bro’ or a high population already, it might be time to pick a different server for a while…

Mine is Oceana, a pretty boring name, and was low-pop when I joined, like there was no way I could have known. It is so frustrating.

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See, THAT, I can totally understand the frustration then.

I even deleted my 2nd character, Great Powerful Q, on a 2nd world. simply not needed anymore. What world am I on? Some unpronouncable unspellable place that nobody would pick on purpose…

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