Great Job with Merges

Just want to say how grateful I am that the merges went so well with very few issues. Had a lot of fun tonight playing with new people. Did some buying and selling. Crafted some things. Did several OPR’s and even got a late night OPR in. It is great having people to group with again.

So… Thanks for the merges and can’t wait even more to return and for the next wave to increase players more.

Awesome Job!!!


Yeah, merges went surprisingly well. I was expecting a major fiasco given how impactful such change is, but the issues seem to be minor. Aside from faction imbalance.

Agreed, the merges went smooth as silk. Loving a more populated server!

Yeah, now let us buy transfer tokens.

Time and time again, those that fell off early (from many issues) will be once again left behind as the ones that left dying servers went off world groups away from what was merged. Now with new content and promising enjoyment they are left tokenless to follow the main group - once again leaving the game behind.

Very good job with merges to Ferri.
Some of us were sure something was gonna go seriously wrong, but you guys proved us wrong. Keep it up.

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