Great Sword burst dmg

I posted feedback in the PTR about this already but wanted to post here as well: Great Sword is going to turn into the next skitzo extremely high damage build with how much burst damage it can do. I was playing heavy 300 con full resil in PTR because I normally play a support class and I was barely able to stay alive on point in the PTR OPR.

I’m pretty sure AGS likes to release weapons OP to attract players and then slowly nerfs them to somewhere balanced, but please just release this weapon balanced so to not alienate everyone not using the Great Sword for months.


Were the players using great sword also use light armor? Just curious


PvP integrity is not a priority for them. Player count is.

This is not a PvP game, it’s a game with PvP.


I’m not sure, after playing around with GS in PTR I find it slower than GA. You can literally dodge the 3-strike skill. If you’re fast enough you can dodge the upward slash + slam.


Blunderbuss is still completely busted to this day, so…


Is there any reason to post PTR feedback to general forums like its something set in stone?

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Absolutely - crosscut and onslaught are easy to dodge out of …especially crosscut’s finisher. If someone doesn’t move, block, dodge, etc then yes they’re going to get punished for it. m As they should. It’s a slow weapon with big damage numbers on avoidable abilities.

No, it really belongs in the PTR GS Feedback thread.

Agree. This wep. Is going to get owned by ranged dps/mages/bb.

Its very sluggish. Not much lock down.

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Based on past history the devs don’t read or care what gets posted on ptr feedback forums.


You should noodle around with some of the right tree a bit. I think GS/WH is going to be a beast on point or in the melee furball.

yeah, it’s really REALLY slow


Well, that may be the problem. You see, when BB was released, most people used it with light armor to one shot other players. Remember the “bb is not the issue, s&s is the issue”? Well, bb can still blast people from full to half/no hp in seconds. That’s because of light armor.

As much as people want to defend light armor, having every armor type be used with every weapon will always cause imbalance in PVP. Many posts are saying this, and AGS can’t do much to balance it

As long as you have a high dmg, defensive weapon paired with high mobility that can nullify damage with one button every few seconds, it will be OP. There’s a reason most YouTube videos are using light armor builds to 1vx. It’s twice as hard to 1vx in medium, let alone in heavy

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In clumps you are going to hit people 100%, how fast is not a big deal, burst damage is the problem. For the majority of builds it gives you no time to react and die within a couple seconds, so I think it’s by definition overpowered.

As far as I’ve seen it doesn’t have the same potential as GA to stick on people and it doesn’t have the cc WH has. The damage is also lower than WH with heavy attacks. PTR is a bit inconsistent when it comes to new weapons because people don’t get the same gear as they have on live. People are still learning to counter the weapon as well

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Think about large scale combat in clumps, you will hit someone if you are swinging.

And now imagine everyone having one, have fun fighting in clumps for 2.5 seconds

There is a few abilities that hit harder than others. (Just taking your word for it) the war hammer heavies hit harder ok true but ability wise? I don’t think so.

You’ve covered all the based except for weapon abilities

It does seem to be doing a lot of damage but keep in mind no one has their curated gear on the PTR either. Could be incredibly underpowered when it hits live.

People going into the furball already deal with GA/WH raining down hell. I think more than a couple of people are going to drop GA for GS but I still think the big dog melee in the furball will still be 2 oversized two-handed weapons…whichever 2 of the 3 they choose

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