Great Sword burst dmg

most likely due to low healers in opr i haven’t had many instances where i just get obliterated more then normal as a melee.

Yeah, atm melee point builds are the weakest and least viable in the game outside of that very specific niche. Doesnt portend well for great sword.

With the new abilities coming out, stone skin?, that prevents all cc from taking effect I expect this will further cripple str melee builds that rely on Hammer and help bolster Dex/INT builds prowess over STR melee even further.

This game has been focused seemingly on making Great Axe and Hammer less and less viable with each successive patch since last December.

Yep, this is why I will change to a mage in case they release fresh start servers. Been playing a tank in PVP since day one. Getting a bit tired of being kited around and taking loads of dmg from range

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Melee with healers wins OPR and wars.

Pre-made groups with AoE damaged builds, GS with either GA or WH, are going to dominate OPR.

GA Hammer are by far the most dominant and well represented weapons in war. This is just nonsense.

Thats the niche. The king of the hill fight with healer support is the niche. In every other pvp interaction they lose hard. Take away the healer they suck. This is obviously true if you play arenas, opr, duel, open world pvp.

It’s not niche in any way. It’s the only PVP in the game where the outcome is meaningful. It’s the only PVP in the game that is heavily optimized and theory crafted. If we had rankings and leaderboards for OPR and arena with premade groups you would see a completely different meta happening. Light is just better in disorganized groups without a healer where you need to survive on your own much more. Why would you play a slow moving tanky style build if you want that play style.

The simple fact is medium and heavy bruisers in a premade group with healers and proper support absolutely dominate OPR.


I think only a handful of players enjoy playing wars. I for one, like playing OPR, arena and world PVP more. Probably because I am a solo player

Same thing happens in every mmo sadly.

I never said they didnt. And heavy melee dont btw its medium. Heavy bruiser sucks.

False, go watch EU WW or EF war. It is true it is mostly medium but there are surely heavy players in there. You know what you don’t see? Very few light players outside of healers. I just don’t understand if you want to play OPR and play by yourself, why would you play a build that is reliant on soaking damage and being healed? It seems like many players made poor armor choices for the play style they desire and now want AGS to change the game to benefit them. Can heavy maybe get a little buff? Sure. Does light need a nerf? Absolutely not. Medium is by far the most dominant armor class in the game, it isn’t even close. The idea people want to nerf light is laughable.

You know what the good part about this game is? You aren’t married to one armor set. Do you know what I and most players do? Put on a light set when they are solo playing and put on a medium or heavy set when they are in a group with healers and support. I truly don’t understand why people come to the forums to complain and try to get armor classes gutted instead of doing this.


Possibly, which wouldn’t be unheard of to “support” PvP.
Elder Scrolls Online has clearly done the same. With each expansion, they release a horribly overpowered and easily exploited gear set, let it be exploited in PvP for several months, then start to change it.

It was most clear when they released Dark Convergence Dark Convergence here, Dark Convergence there, Dark Convergence everywhere — Elder Scrolls Online

Now they’ve done it even more blatantly with Mara’s Balm.
New Mara’s balm “fix” does nothing at all to address the issue with this set — Elder Scrolls Online
You can see the player-made video showing how stupidly powerful the set is. How does something like that even make it into PTS?

This is how ESO keeps PvP alive – by feeding the demographic’s eagerness to dominate with anything that breaks the game. While the sets are overpowered, players will end up getting the expansion to access the sets because there’s no other way to survive.
Probably once sales fall off, they start to turn off the pay-to-win tap and nerf the set.

It’s fact that many PvPers are willing to not just find and use exploits but pay for unfair advantage, such as subscriptions to cheat services or RMT money. So it’s inevitable that game studios want to get their share of that. They can just act dumb on the forums and not respond to overwhelming evidence while the money rolls in.


Tbh, i dont see greatsword as overpowered weapon.

It has 100 base dmg less than greataxe.
its very slow, the combos are strong but again they are slow and take time to perform.
once you learn how to fight against it gs users will struggle. the reward is just big if you manage to hit somebody. in addition to that… Just stop clumping at wars… the issue isnt the gs. its the fact people keep fighting as 10 players on a single grid and the burst is legit reasonable cause there is so much dmg dropping down into it. We really needed a weapon like the greatsword cause it brings so much to different builds and it will add even more to heavy users around the point and overall.

Also since the game is not only about pvp, i think the gs will be one of the most fun weapons to PVE with. i dont see too many tuning needed, unlike the light bb which is the real MVP in this game.

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If u listen those guys u must delete healers and tanks. Anybody who dont die from the 3 skills must be nerfed, either weapon or armor type.
I see many heavy who die faster than me on light. I super rarely see anybody blocking in this game, many times even Sword and Shield users are never blocking. Way to many guys just left click and expect to kill everybody.

What’s really stupid is that many people are asking to nerf specific weapon/armor without even playing it !!! And their statements are mostly based on anger and frustration for being killed by that specific weapon/armor. Such statements should just be ignored right away.

U want realistic balance, go play the weapon/armor that u consider OP. Check it urself how easy or hard it is then come with ur personal live experience and feedback.

Heavy is 1/3 of all equipment in the game but is used for less than 5-10% of the total pvp populace atm I would wager.

A small portion elect to use it for point control survivability; shirking fort does the job better in medium regardless.

You’re entitled to your opinion. I would say a large amount of players departed the game due to imbalances in pvp builds in general, and being cognizant of the disparities in viability for pvp is important to fix and balance if this game wants to grow and gain those players back.

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Back to the OPs topic…

What burst damage? Ive spent one hour on this thing in ptr and its clunky AF.

Slow and telegraphed. Like a slash damage hammer…

My prediction is that it would shine more on defense than attack, but its too early to tell…


the wep prob good on heavy armor user.
the block ability is a thing in point fight.
the explotion is like a GW, 4 m aoe and you will be knocked down but wont see the effect visual effect.
all other ability are clukcy acutally.
crosscut too slow , and have weird hit box/movement ,thx god they can dodge cancel it.
rush sometimes will just pass ppl and wont hit.
sky hit only stagger on 1st hit, 2nd hit usually will be dodged
roaring is like much weak version of shockwave/GW/cyclone
steadfest is like weak version of reap.
i dont really like the wep at the moment.

Very good comment. I’m not familiar with ESO but ya it does seem like this is par for the course with devs releasing op weapons. I have gone way out of my way to not use meta, good builds but not meta. Getting kills with a blatantly overpowered or bugged build / weapon does not give me any satisfaction. I want to finesse people to death not get cheap kills. I hope they just make the GrS at least somewhat balanced, I don’t feel like going through another couple months being extremely annoyed (although tbf I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t annoyed with something pvping, maybe back during the bruiser cc meta after acquiring 5 pieces with freedom. Currently, imo the range meta has gone a little too far.

*Oh and sorry I replied so late, I forgot I made this post lol.

I did an OPR with my build (heavy point VG IG 300 con full resil) just to see what it would be like going against them. I was getting chunked hard, dying in seconds made me re-think if ref ward was a good idea, granted it was from gamers between 5-50 con so not terribly hard to kill but that kind of burst dmg is going to piss people off. I just hope it comes out somewhat balanced.

in clumps the clunkiness and slow attacks will not matter much. I think the clunkiness mostly just takes getting used to like any other weapon. I can just forsee a weapon combination / ability combination involving cc’s that will suck horribly for anyone going against it.