Great Sword burst dmg

Fair enough.

The opr doesn’t seem to pop on the eu ptr so i dont have much pvp feedback. Sadge.

When i read “burst” i assumed BB type output.

But i think maybe its the CDR built into the kit that gives it a high rate of attack feel.

Ill have to wait till it goes live to feel it properly.

I’ll be sure the team is aware but as a reminder, it is still in the test phase and prone to adjustments. This kind of feedback is helpful!


All the problems we see in PvP are a direct result of AGS moving towards a more WoW-like direction while putting everything PvP-related in the back burner.

The sheer fact that their excuse for no PvP-servers is because “It would split development” is a clear indicator that development is not being done with high quality PvP in mind.

A quick look at the general trend of PvP-related decisions over the last 24 months backs this up.

The free class system isn’t the problem. This game was literally built for it. It’s the current all-in direction towards being a mainstream MMO that’s caused the vast majority of problems this game has seen.

It’s not that they can’t do anything. They just simply won’t.

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And yet 70% of war rosters are ga/wh…

it doesn’t seem op to me. especially in the new zone. it feels very balanced in great sands. if it does have a lot of burst dmg in opr thats good melee NEEDS some way to balance against the healer dex meta

it doesn’t need a nerf. if anything needs nerf its musket and bow. there has to be some tool in the bag as as counter to those things if this is doing it then it’s something that we need.

my experience in brimstone is it’s balanced. brimstone is hard. please don’t base balance on pvp which barely anyone plays vs pve.

Peoples still getting 1 shot from bows, even in full heavy builds with 10k hp, so yeah pvp is very skill base here… NOT.

No bow can 1 shot me in light. I actually doubt any bow can 1 shot any decent player.

Also why u are having only 10k hp on heavy? Are u trying DPS heavy or what?

Skilled game or not, u are doing it very wrong overall in this game.

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Lol why you think is about me where i said that, peeps complain everyday in global & army chat about how OP bows are no matter what you wearing, report X & Y, is cheating and so on, and if some do it indeed wrong is maybe bcs game is wrong on many aspects that r getting exploited. Myself im not a really pvp junkie, but can confirm that whatever setup gear you are using some weapons combined with the rest of the gear elements are way to good than it should be.

Miedo me da los nuevos paladines, con ligera báculo de vida y gran espada, ya me diras como los matas, y encima tendran mucho daño. AGS nerfea la armadura ligera ya.

They copied not just the skills from RIOT!, but also their strategy of releasing OP champions and then nerfing them to oblivion lol

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Nadie te va a contestar si escribes en español en foros en inglés. Usa Google Translate para convertir español a inglés si quieres que te escuchen.

Reading through the forums… isn’t every weapon, piece of armor, perk, skill, etc OP?

I mean…

Unless you learn to play and “get good”, that is.

Only asking due to so many people nonstop whining about said items 24/7/365.

By far the most whining community I’ve ever seen in all games I’ve ever played.

Whatever Amazon would do they would complain. Make things easy then complain for having nothing to do. Make things hard then complain for not having enough time to reach end game content in first day(s).
Many ppl who get killed 3-10 times in OPR comes and create threads weapon X, Y, Z is OP pls nerf.
Tanks tanking and asking to nerf Tanks.
Healers healing and asking to nerf Healers, even if they are harmless in dmg.
They try 5-10 crafts and cry about roll.
Complain about big company earning gold from Everfall and Windsward while they are paying house taxes and placing their buy/sell orders in those cities …

List is to long to continue.


To bad players, yes.

Unfortunately, New World isn’t built to have a competitive scene. Other games that are more focused on small scale skill-based combat have top talent that can scrutinize and evaluate power.

Hard to do that when half the player base is struggling to with gear.

Have to get geared before getting good is an option.


ya they were

This game is definitely skill based, sure gear is very important but if you are good enough it doesn’t matter. I know of a company that went to war just wearing 535 faction gear and farmed the attackers.

When there are builds that jump out of a bush, cc you then 100 to 0 in 2 seconds then that is OP. It makes it to where skill is almost not a factor. It’s not even a fight. I think all weapons are balanced in the game right now after months of tweaking (it’s understandable with all the weapon and ability combinations) but bows / ranged in general is still the meta and should probably be addressed, we’ll see what it’s like next patch.

You have never used a wh or ga? This is how big slow 2h weapons play in this game.

Ya we will all only really know for sure once it goes to live so take what I’m sayong woth a grain of salt, I just want to make sure the devs can get the balancing right, right away. It’s not good when people spend s bunch of money on gear amd their build just gets nerfed into the dirt. I also want to make a heavy GrS build but want to wait for the dust to settle.