Great Sword burst dmg

100% agree with this. Too many instabilities to be even considered a competitive title.

When the weapons swap as intended, when lag is not an issue. When the frame rate doesnt drop on a couple thousand k pc…then maybe it can.


I’ve used GA WH it’s just not my style. In 1v1’s I have no problem fighting this build unless the bruiser is cracked, but in large scale combat weapon speed doesn’t matter.

Correct - new world is about 50v50 wars. Devs choose what they balance around.

What game are you talking about that releases balanced new content that maintains pvp integrity btw? Certainly not wow, the most successful mmo with professional players that STILL releases new content into ranked 3v3s. Covenant abilities anyone?

All your posts are like this lol. Youre acting like any game can release perfectly balanced new content but that doesnt happen anywhere. Just say you have a personal problem with nw and be done with it

GS has the same or similar weapon damage to GA.

GA does this level of burst - it sets an entire other skill to detonate on you while they are using another skill on you.

This is the same thing that happened with BB.

“New weapon doing big damage must be OP” - every bruiser back when grav well popped 3 times.

People hate dying to new things because they know its because that other guy.learned it fast enough to kill their main.

Me, with bow, good luck to kill mee, you be far i will shot at you, ise your stamina, you came close i will stager you intil you dead ;D

In clump you dont wana use dmg stance, becose of +15% dmg taken,

Usually MOBAs, fighting games, ya know. Games with actual competitive scenes.

Not MMOs. AGS has chosen to persue the MMO aspects of New World over the action combat.

What’s so hard to understand about all this?

Yes, my logic is consistent. Thanks for noticing.

More than most can say around here.

ya so lets just make a sword super strong in PVP when PVE is the easiest thing in this game.

I mean, that’s what AGS is doing whether we like it or not.

They know Great Sword = hype, and hyped people want to feel strong, so they’ll make GS strong without giving two shits about balance.

Balance is what dedicated players like.

AGS wants the hype train money.

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i dont know what AGS wants tbh. if it was money would of been a DLC pack, if it was a good game, they wouldn’t of used the current engine.

Ill take new world for what it is as long as long as desync issues can actually be fixed…

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Light armor gives only 10% damage over medium its not LA issue.

Well about GS i played on PTR imo its too OP… it should be nerfed 10-15%. From the other hand we will see those runes can change everything esp. Those for full Cc immunity, roots :sunglasses: Maybe some weapons will be no longer OP and some will get what they need.

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that’s not why I would be upset, because “someone learned it faster” I’ve gone out of my way to not use OP builds because I get no satisfaction from getting kills from it. if the damage ends up being just like GA I’d be fine with it, I’m just worried it’s going to be overpowered which is a legitimate concern seeing how every other weapon released has been overpowered and devs in general have a track record of doing this because it will appease new players that came to the game / started playing again because of the new weapon. The way attributes work you get more damage from 5 to 150 or 200 so someone could go 200 str 200 dex and it will do much more damage than say putting 200 into a secondary scaling attribute or 400 in either str or dex.

We’ll just have to see what happens, just like with any OP build in the past people will defend it no matter what because it’s probably the only time they’ve ever felt good at pvp. I’m also excited to use GrS but if it’s overpowered best believe I will wait until it gets nerfed before using it.

ya that’s my feeling about it, but ya I guess we’ll just have to see what it’s like in live and hopefully it wont take them forever to nerf it like they did the SnS BB or SnS Hatchet.

They nerfed ans and bb/hatchet ? Dont feel it xd

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Oh got it, so you play the wrong genre of game.

Mmos dont do what youre talking about. This game is one of those.

Not sure why you bothered virtue signalling with the “only play non OP builds” thing.

Back to the actual topic - it appears nobody plays GA/WH here. They do as much or more damage with actual cc.

If anything, defiance blocking needs to be looked at again. The weapons defensive aspects are extremely bad and actually make it worse to use.

It should be impossible to have your block broken by heavy attacking in defiance. If anything, the 50% stam damage reduction perk should be like 80% on guard point

Not talking about the defensive side of tree and I don’t know why you would think saying I never run OP builds is virtue signaling, I was responding to your ridiculous assumption “uR jUsT mAd YoU DidNt LeARn iT fAsT eNoUgH.” I literally don’t understand why anyone would do it, there is no respect, no satisfaction, just annoying everyone else until it gets nerfed. You sound like someone that jumps on whatever the meta OP build is.

Unless your talking about release when resilient was bugged, I’m going to call bs. That didn’t happen.

Except im not - i just dont tell people about it because MMOs are always dominated by the “OP” specs. It isnt something to even mention because there is always something at the top.

Calling the best builds OP is toxic - its not up to players to avoid good builds but this community in particular seems to think you shame players off of builds by painting them as cheaters.

Only time i can think of an actual bug making a build OP (there are more but its the most recent) is grav well popping 3 times and half the community had no problem specifically abusing that bug.

Are you refering to that when you say OP? Because otherwise i see that and assume youre just getting ready to carry on about the last time something killed you in war.