Great Sword Exploit

  • What is your character name in New World: JaGiiX
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Asgard
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: PLayer named “Herr Taco” exploiting a “bug” apparently or just exploiting network. He teleport 10m further in front of me when 3 secondes earlier he was 50m behind me.
  • Is this a bug? (If this is an exploit, please follow the steps here: EXPLOIT
  • (if a bug) How did the issue affect your gameplay:
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue:
  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced: HerrTaco exploiting - YouTube I recorded when it happened
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: I have no clue
  • When did this happen: today arround 16h30 UTC+1
    @Zin_Ramu _ramu could anyone look into it ?

more looks like typica game lag, happends often and looks same, just u got warped very wast on big distance like on video

It’s a lag spike happens to me quite often.
Even today not even in PvP was doing a M10 laz and i did a dodge and it sent me 100m forward into water

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No when it happens once in a while, i don’t mind… This dude do it everytime he chase me… he’s exploiting

As I said, when it happens once in a while, I don’t mind it is a lagg. But when it happens everytime him and his team are chasing me… It is not a simple lag. Pretty sure he’s exploiting his network connexion or something

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Could be or could be à revival of the prone dodge exploit/bug


Nope is just a lag

That is exploiting network connexion, if it happened once in a while ok it is lag. But a this point when the dude is chasing me 5v1 and everytime teleporting in front of me… that’s not a simple lag. Why do you think i recorded it… I’m not stupid i won’t report something if I’m not sure he’s exploiting.
First time he did it, it happened 3 time in a raw… then I started recording.

The thing that can let me think about an exploit is that the guys seems not to be laggy because when you fight someone which is lagging, your ennemy is doing some small teleportations and has weird movements. The movements of herr taco are not weird and the combat was fluid so if he manages to do that multiples times its definitely and exploit.

And honestly it wouldn’t surprise me because Taco and rawberry are both of them using all the animation cancel of the hatchet which is literally exploiting…


Maybe he just has like 300 ping. Oh NVM that was weird AF :joy:

Keep recording and posting them :slight_smile:

The game isn’t immune to lag switching and I have my eyes on some abusers well

Oh you’re 1 hp and now you teleport 50m away, how convenient when you’re full of OPR materials :roll_eyes:

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I get this exact bug on my character 3-4 times a day when playing heavily (4-6 hours), so I kind of doubt the person is actively using it as an exploit, or some sort of lag switch, since its already so common for me personally.

I have anecdotally noticed that it is way more common when using GS and FS abilities (specifically those that proc haste). For whatever reason, I find it happening the most after using burnout and relentless rush specifically, but it could just be happenstance.

This guy could absolutely be exploiting, but Occam’s Razor- he is probably just experiencing the bug at unfortunate timing for you.

The player must have an lighting man eye to control a character to that level. Just image how you do that and figure it out if it’s exploit or not :sweat_smile:

I’m not the only one who has seen him done it… Weirdly, the next game after I exposed him, he couldn’t catch me during the entire opr game…

I mean, i have enought experience in mmo’s to see if someone is abusing an exploit or a bug… this dude was doing it everytime he saw me and he’s done it smoothly everytime. Before i reported him another player (on who he has done it too) pmed me and said : “I told him to stop doing it”

It’s time to stop the BS, I don’t know why you guys are trying to protect a player who is obviously abusing an exploit/bug

I’ve watched the video 10 times now, and slow-stopped it frame-by-frame, to get more insight. At second 19, the player is actually locked in a GreatAxe charge animation, and I don’t think he is holding a Great Axe (hard to tell, but it looks like Greatsword and Hatchet). If you turn your audio up high, you can actually hear the Greataxe charge noise at this time too.

Having played Greatsword around 800 hours (with these exact weapons), I see this bug all the time. I am pretty confident he is hitting his relentless rush at exactly when there is lag, and it is causing the ability to not actually trigger (he likely still gets the haste from it, I do normally), and you are able to cast it again immediately after using. The lag then repositions his character as if the ability had fully triggered in the direction he was running, and often overcompensates for the lag, making them move farther than should be possible in real time.

I think that is what is happening here, this might actually be two separate bugs rolled into one video. Either he popped bezerk/some movement ability with his offhand weapon (and that ability bugged as a greataxe charge animation), or relentless rush is doing the double cooldown bug combined with the movement lag bug. It’s also possible he is actually holding a Greataxe and charge simply lagged out, on its own (but I can’t clearly see whether he is holding a Greataxe or not). After review, its probably 2 bugs in 1.

I’m not “defending” the person in the video, I’m trying to explain how these things actually occur in the game, intentional or not, so this can be fixed by devs. This exact bug occurs to my own character multiple times a day, I also want it to be fixed.

Got a video?

I’ve never experienced the teleport lag issue myself, using GS/HT in over 1000 oprs

but I have had abilities trigger, I relentless rush, rubberbands back to the start, ability isn’t on cooldown and I can RR again because it “failed” the first time

That’s for sure sus

print screen lag switch. Just make a macro to spam print screen and you will speed hack

Oh now that’s an interesting thought. I get the lag bug multiple times a day, and coincidentally, I also use print screen while in game multiple times a day. I’ll have to pay attention more and see if there is an actual correlation (timing wise) with the lag happening when hitting print screen.

That could literally be the bug. I’ve also anecdotally noticed it happen more when I am alt tabbing while auto running. But it would follow the similar logic, in that your PC is pre-occupied with doing something else, and perhaps NW just forgets your character position while this is all happening.