Great Sword is amazing, and it will be a game changer!

Greatsword will certainly completely change the way melee plays, as it’s the first weapon that makes blocking really more advantageous than dodging (shield doesn’t even come close to doing that).

With its many synergies

the Greatsword makes you not only punish the enemy, but also be rewarded for blocking, especially for blocking at the right moment.

But one thing was left out, the “sturdy fortification” perk

It would be the second weapon in the game that could use this perk and it fits perfectly into your playstyle.


So far the Greatsword is an all around balanced weapon in PvP and PvE, it’s even better because it scales evenly with STR and DEX. I’d like to see other weapons reworked similar to the Greatsword in viability instead of Gravity Well, Riposte and Ice Shower being why you chose the weapon.

Yes, it has a great design that allows a combination with several builds, but all balanced.

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