Great sword is weak and here's why


Damage needs nerfed.

So many buffs and debuffs, and hits like a truck.

Just no…

Honestly, I disagree. I’ve been playing with this build since the GS was released and I find it very easy.

It’s a build with a lot of damage, a lot of mobility and a lot of “counter” mechanics. The only problem is that if you’re focused by more than one ranged in the open and they’re too far away, you can’t do much. Another disadvantage is in massive combat that it extends too far. But apart from that, it’s a super simple build, play melee with a light set, in general it’s simple, especially if you use hatchet.

But that’s the issue, your suggestion just makes the GS problem worse. GS is already a super strong weapon for light armor build, the changes you propose only increases the power of this build which is already strong.

The buff that GS needs is on its defensive side, not its offensive side.

Yes, you have utility, but you can do it better with a HW.

Exactly what I say in my post.

GS has a lot of damage WITH LIGHT ARMOR and this needs to be adjusted. However it has to be adjusted by thinking that with medium and heavy armor, GS performs considerably worse.

Also, GS needs a buff on its defensive side.

A WH? Highly disagree

Sure! weapon perks remain the same + shockwave + armor breaker + path of destiny. Also his dnao and dua defense are not nerfed according to the posture.

I can easily apply 44% disease and 15% rend(possibly 30% with trench rend as well) with 1 heavy and 1 skill(that staggers) much easier to do than to land a WH combo.

This honestly gets fixed by having trenchant recovery on the GS. With that, leaching, and the defiant tree ulti, I heal for like 1.5k a heavy.

The S&S was not oppressive like it is now prior to the patch. It’s not like Achilles heel defined the S&S to begin with. Additionally, the recent changes to dodge, more or less, give you a pseudo-Achilles heel with each light attack. That is why Achilles heel in conjunction to the recent dodge changes is too oppressive. Also, it doesn’t make sense for light attack spam to keep up with dodges. If people are pressing W, A, S or D, sure, light attacks can target them. But dodging?

You could change Achilles heel to an empower, so you do more damage overall. I don’t care, but permanently slowing people has no business in the game.

1 WH heavy attack on clump:

  1. Hammer time → 20% empower
  2. Hardened steel → 12% fame reduction
  3. Quick Recovery → 7% cdr
  4. Power Through Pain → 35% extra damage
  5. Outnumbered → +10% damage absorption
  6. Concussive Impact → +15% damage
  7. T. Recovery → Heal
  8. Plague Strikes → desease

1 shockwave

  1. Stun
  2. 10% weaken
  3. 14% yield
  4. Prevailing Spirit → 35% heal
  5. Aftershock → 20% slow
  6. Exhaustive Attacks → Axhaust 20%

That’s what I didn’t even comment about armor breaker and path of destiny.

So the question is that the hammer has a lot of synergy with the skills themselves and always buffing your damage and defense at the same time, in addition to healing a lot.

So for medium and large scale pvp situations, hammer is far superior to GS.

In x1 I agree that GS can be better, but in medium and large scale pvp, there is no way to compare.

But is that a dps mentality, because any other class that isn’t a dps will want to empower?

It’s much more useful if I apply some form of debuff to the target.

Everything about tank is utility and cc. I agree that on dps, this slow is quite overwhelming, but it has to stay in the game, we have to have ways to chase the ranged classes.

The big problem with NW is not having classes, which makes balancing very difficult. So we only have to change this position passive and put it at the end of the defense passives, this would prevent dps from having access to this passive. Or, make this slow progressively increase according to the armor or the CON attribute, but it has to exist.

But those things were always there, I take the slow is stacking and has no diminishing?
I can barely remember a time when I was able to land the third SnS attack but were different times and I’m not up with the new PvP meta/content, that’s why I’m asking, not for trolling, just to understand what’s going on till I return to a more active play.

Same could be said about chain CC and no matter how much freedom you stack, you still get hammered once and unless someone else “wakes” you with general damage before the hammer can complete the combo, you are pretty much 95% HP down or pepsi.

It doesn’t exactly stack, but if you hit someone with a light attack and they dodge away, they will not dodge outside of melee tracking due to changes on dodge, so you can keep spamining light attack and you will keep up with them. Once you apply Achilles heel, they could dodge 3 times in a row and they will still be in melee tracking range.

You basically just have to hit someone once with a light attack and they are trapped unless they use an ability.

You can dodge all of the WH abilities, so as long as you dodge you will be okay. You have enough dodges to avoid all of the WH’s CC. If you time your dodges correctly, you will take 0 damage from the WH stuns. That is fair.

When fighting the S&S, on the other hand, you will eventually run out of stamina fighting a S&S spamming light attacks and then there is nothing you can do unless you have an ability. That is unfair.

I much rather fight the old assassin builds that required the S&S to hit a leap. At least you needed to hit an ability to kill someone. Not spam LMB.

Ok, fair points, I get what’s the issue.

2 things I get from all this:
Melee tracking should be gone, but desync will creep back in full swing.
Light builds were too comfortable with the absolute impunity the perma-dodge meta provided, so this light changes maybe were too much but I feel that we are halfway to a good balance, if melee homing get’s tuned down consistently. So you hit what you aim and don’t get the magic carpet-gap-closeraimbot, and if you get hit, well, light slows and all that.

I think that’s fair for all builds, correct me if I’m wrong.

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Gs/S&S have overtuned tracking that needs to be reduced down similar to GA

Hatchet currently has defy death being an overused and abused ability

Gs/S&S both suffer from the same problem, They have passive/buffs built for a tank that are heavy exploited by Light armor users to get huge bonus Bmg/Resistances.

Personally I think Taking a shield should have automatically put you in the heavy weight class

Tower shield, Defensive Perks, More Stamina, Current Stam Regen

Kite shield, Agressive or Def Perks, More Stamina, 25% faster Stam Regen, 25% Less Stamina

Round Shield, Agressive Perks, 50% faster stam regen, 50% less Stamina

Gs- Suffers due to the fact it has no true identity, it is both designed as a heavy dmg beserker weapon, as well as a tanky dmg reduction weapon. I feel its design feels bloated like it tries to do a lil bit of everything but fails at all of it. It is amazing in a 3v3/1v1 setting, however it fails in opr/war on anyone wearing medium/heavy armor. It is a much better Light dex weapon, than it is a tank weapon.

I think the exact opposite. There absolutely no logical reason why GA/WH can roll around in light armor with the optimal setup and sns with round shield has to go super squishy just to hit light. Dumb.

GA is designed for clumps, you get shutdown in open areas by bows, S&S can just block bows, pop accelerated defiant and truck straight at a bow and leaping strike them. I have 2700hrs playing S&S and Its definitely overtuned. GA/Wh takes a lot more work and skill then people assume until they try it.

I’ve played a bit of everything so I feel like I have a pretty good idea of how each weapon combo feels

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actually most people that I know playing GS Medium not light. If you are not using the weapon correctly its ur issue not others.Even those people agree that weapon is broken.

Medium GS is tanky,blocks most damage in danger zone → does insane damage → insane lifesteal → insane tracking → meanwhile can do diease+slow.

There is literally no weapon does what GS does atm.

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Lol because round shield light armor can counter ranged autos you think the entire weapon set should be relegated to ONLY heavy armor? That’s weird.