Great sword is weak and here's why

no no, this refers to blocking stamina, not dodge stamina

wouldn’t faster stam regen effect dodging too though?

no as it would only be regen after a block, however, technically it could be used in that way beneficially, dodge, block 1 shot, get 50% increased stam regen, repeat

GS is really just an assassins executioner.
Pick your targets wisely and use something that prevents stun and stagger if you pick one in a group.
Then either die or use another weapon to escape.

If OPR gets leaderboards no one will use it because you can’t stand your ground with GS.

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works in medium too

light is just easier to chase runners

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Fought a light GS in arena earlier. One heavy did 3k damage on me. Rocking resilent and 300/200 heavy armor with full onyx. Negated 3k damage. You’re telling me this shit is hitting for 6k? Meanwhile, I can shockwave and heavy attack with my hammer and I might hit for 3-4k. Those GS heavies be flying out like light attacks too. But yeah, GS is extremely mediocre on heavy, especially the right side. Played it for a little bit trying to use it as a tank in PVP, WH is infinitely better.

I believe that most matches will not happen with one person facing another spamming auto attack kkkk.

GS is great, but for a light set and for 1x1, anything that runs away from it, it loses a lot of value and progressively loses the more “heavy” your armor is and the higher the pvp scale is.

Unfortunately the weapon is focused on tiktok build (assassin build combo).

Well they have made heavy armor pretty much worthless anyway.



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Am I on a decent track or could I use a different start out load?

It was obvious it’s gonna be too strong, why both stats are primary… fuu

I think there’s a lot of secondary perk mixing. You have a resilient full set, but your second perk is kind of random. I recommend focusing on a single type.

Do the other secondary perks stack like how resilient stacks? I know weapon perks don’t stack

Elemental aversion and refreshing ward are my favorites.