Greataxe, 30% Healing Bonus still underscaled and not enough to warrant swapping

You are removing A LOT of healing on the PTR from healing, including items liked Blessed.

The issue is that these heals scale CORRECTLY, and the light armor bonuses DO NOT. Healers are not going to swap to Light to get a 30% increase of only their naked-stats, it’s literally worthless.

On top of this, healing in Light means greataxe users can just infinitely left click on us and we cannot escape.

Heavy armour goes unnerfed.
Light armor scaling is NOT enough to warrant swapping.
Healers will just stop playing and go other builds.
Greataxe remains unchanged, even buffed, even though it has now, 3 roots, autoaim, autoleap, lots of damage, a charge.

Amazon, do your MARKET RESEARCH into healing on an MMO. It is NOT normal for healers to die 1v1 or even 1v2

I will list my own factual experiences:

  • BDO, Witches and Wizards could easily hold their own without any issues 1v1/2/3.
  • WoW, Druids and Paladins are absolutely the most frustrating classes to go against in BG because Druids have SO much healing and utility you can just clump 6 people on them and they won’t die.
  • Aion, Clerics and Chanters can literally tank upwards of 3-4 people because this is normal for healing behaviour.
  • Guild Wars 2, necromancers and druids are absolutely annoying and almost unkillable in PvP, there’s literally been QQ threads for the last 4 years about Necro and Druids and it remains unchanged. Why? Because healers are not meant to be killed 1v1.

The issues:

  • Heavy armour provides too much defensive capabilities in PvP. If you nerf it overall, tanks suffer in PvE.
    Solution: make heavy less tanky in PvP, give additional benefits in other areas of heavy armor.

  • You want to push healers into Light Armour but won’t fix the actual bonus healing perk to be an overall 30% increase or the fact that greataxe users can gapclose by spamming left click (THIS IS THE ENTIRE REASON WHY HEALERS WENT HEAVY TO BEGIN WITH.)
    Solution: Make the +30% bonus healing actually give an overall 30% buff instead of baseline naked buff. People have been calling for this since the beginning.

  • Healers don’t even regenerate mana because the left click takes one mana and adds one mana, doesn’t even work with focus potions. Why is this even a thing?
    Solution: Fix it?

  • Healers have NO tools to prioritise low-HP targets like in other action MMOs, literally no setting for it. Why can I not just go into settings, click “target lowest HP first”?
    Solution: Add an option for our heals to automatically target the lowest player - this healing in this game in terms of mechanical targeting is some of the worst I’ve historically seen.

  • The warhammer CC spam is utterly disgusting. Other MMOs have diminishing returns on CCs but not this game AND YOU BUFFED WARHAMMER?!?!?!
    Solution: Increase the cooldowns, make them not be able to be stacked back-to-back. This will improve the flow of combat for light/medium armor users.

@TheLawRich @Kay

Please, read this carefully before the game goes back to having very little healers like it was in the first 3 weeks.


Uh, 1v1 no, well wiz succ could because it was broken af till it got nerfed. Any other class with a grab just dumpstered on witch/wiz.
As for WoW goes, you could technically oom healers and kill them. But yes 1v1 you couldnt kill one. Could def 1v2 them though if you had coordination with someone.
I never got into Aion much so wont speak about it.
Gw2 has always been a mess, especially when it comes to certain metas lol.

People have brought up decent suggestions for this. Reduce casted healing/dmg done by x% in heavy, add threat generation to it so it will still be good for tanks. And it wont effect them getting healed by outside sources, other healers.

The reduced dmg would offset dmg if someone chose to run it as a dps, trading dmg to be more tanky.

Good druids in BGs will never go OOM because of consumables and other factors. There are many pvp videos where a druid can tank/kite an entire party.

1v2 was possible on off-meta PvP healers.

A prime issue with changes like this is that they are removing a bunch of healing from skills and Blessed and putting it into Light bonuses, but the Light bonuses don’t apply in the same way the skill scaling does, making it utterly useless.

BG’s are not a great way to judge lol. You have players of all different skill levels, or players who don’t care ect. People don’t cc properly, or break cc’s. So yes against a random group in a BG a druid can def have it’s way with a bunch of people lol.

And the way dmg and healing work in light needs to be looked at it. I know it doesn’t work the way many people think it would. And I know the change is to try and push healers out of heavy and into light.

Look I’m going to go in hard and say this is entirely a life staff issue and not a heavy armour issue aside from that fact that it wasn’t debuffing healing

In the open beta people said healers were too strong

In the closed beta we said they were too strong

In live we said they were too strong.

It’s pretty easy to see how the armour is balanced, light armour seems to be for 2 ranged weapons, medium seems to be for a melee weapon and a ranged weapon and heavy is balanced around having two melee weapons

The issues have been one with resilience granting full damage reduction, then now with resilience lowering damage for crits beyond normal hits.

If no one saw a nerf to healing coming I have no idea what anyone was thinking.

We can pile drive down a great axe users with 4 people if they have heavy, with a life staff in heavy it’s a different story

You can thank sacred ground providing 50% more healing, mana regen and fortify

That’s not normal.

Life staff is only OP because they live for so long in Heavy Armour. Heavy armour is entirely the issue and the only reason we healers wear heavy is because no-skill weapons like Greataxe exists.

Not disagreeing that healing needed tuning but everything else needs fixing first.

Heavy armour is actually only an issue because the heals are so potent


The great Axe is so brokenly over powered its insane, and they buffed it. War hammer is right there with it too. I cant imagine what they are thinking with these two weapons.

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