GreatAxe! Plz help me understand the "balance" of this weapon!

There are absolutely no words that can describe my frustration about this weapon. I just wanna know one thing, who thought of the great idea of giving a two handed weapon the ability to do so so much dmg while wearing HEAVY ARMOR and have so many abilities to be able to catch up to ppl??? Plz tell me where is the balance in this weapon??? I dont understand how can there be damage reduction on heavy armor, yet ppl with heavy armor are doing so much dmg??? they dont have to dodge or do anything, they just tank while doing more dmg than me the light armor with an actual dps build is doing. Plz explain this to me… Im super frustrated with this, its making me not even enjoy the pvp anymore, which sux cause I luv the combat system in the game.


World Of Warcraft - Lichking Deadknight.

? idk if I am missing something but no idea what that helps with…

It’s not balanced. There’s a reason the war meta is about stacking as much greataxe/warhammer in heavy as humanly possible.

This game is in dangerous need of a balance patch


It’s a big reward low risk weapon which is why it’s popular. Users of this weapon fall into a very simple category as well.


I played it too cause I was like if its op then im gonna use it. But damn, its not my playstyle, I am a bow/rapier or spear guy. And how ez it was to use was so shocking, all i had to do is wear heavy armor and just swing. Oh and I forgot to mention how when u swing it to do an auto on a player, it make u dash a bit, unlike the spear or rapier where u almost stand in place while doing auto atks. But yeah, even with all that, I couldnt use it for long, cause I was never the two handed weapon guy. So yeah its so annoying. Man this weapon is pissing me off lol

There is no balance. I love the combat of this entire game except for GA/WH combo. It’s pretty busted.

It’s the only weapon combination where when I get beat by it (which is very often as a mage), I do not feel outplayed. I just feel like I got destroyed because it’s so strong.

When a bow + spear person lands a massive stun combo? I respect the fuck out of that player.

Musket player defeats me in a duel with precisely landed headshots? Dude, props to you.

Rapier / Ice Gauntlet user traps me in Ice Shower? I fucked up by not keeping my distance.

When GA/WH kills me, I just now they clicked a button which stunned me from a medium distance. I try to dodge their 5 stun mechanics, and I run out of dodges. I try to root them with Ice Shower, but they are able to use light or heavy attack to unroot themselves, which strikes me from 1-2 body lengths, without even having to nearly aim.

GA is wayyyyyyyy too good at everything.


Thank you man. Much better explanation of how im exactly feeling about this weapon. I 100% feel the same way!


I duel a LOT in this game and I pretty much only play for PVP. I think I’ve had at least 25-50 Outpost Rush games so far, so I fight a ton of different types of builds every day.

No build consistently defeats me as much as GA/WH no matter how many times I try to time my dodges or keep my distance. I will run out of 3 medium armor dodges trying to dodge either their gap closing auto attacks, or one of their five stun abilities. If I am within distance, there is zero counter play for me. Zero.

There is a very precise reason why War these days, the meta is almost exclusively majority GA/WH, healers on each team, and one or two teams with range (usually mage) to take down Sieges. People know that War is about stacking on a point, and there is no other way to clear out people stacked on a point other than chain CC with GA/WH.

@Zin_Ramu @Luxendra I just know these two names but really, logically and really, it’s time to nerf Great Axe. It is time. People won’t leave New World if you nerf this mistake. It’s time to do something. You’re going to loose people if you don’t. It won’t be a massive loss because a lot of people play this game specifically for that reason but I as a person would feel really crappy if I started loosing loyal customers and trust me I love money more than life it self.

Nerf. Great Axe. Nerf. War Hammer.


Its annoying that the easiest, most boring and braindead weapon is the one thats the strongest tbh.

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I think the timing is good too. Given that they did a great job on fixing all the major bugs in the game so far. Its time to think about balancing these two weapons, especially GA.


Yep! I thought the rapier should be one of the top weapons. Cause I know for a fact that it has an insane amount of outplay potential, but sadly its not, cause everything is being overshadowed by the most easiest weapon in the game. Just stand still and swing, dont even have to use ur keyboard to move when u auto, no worries, the auto itself will just carry u over to the enemy xD.


As a rapier player i can dance with GA for 5 minutes and it’s armored like hell. But if i do ONE mistake i’m dead. And he is just rightclicking taking all my HP in 2-3 swings (i’m semi-heavy medium loadout). So sad about this game’s balance -_-


u are absolutely right, its broken af, but i think the problem is heavy armor, not GA. Heavy armor also explains healers to be unkillable. Can’t wait for huge nerf, i hope devs know its bs right now.
But yeah, actually GA have too mutch at the same time, tons of mobility cause of those permanent 30% and great closeup, tons of aoe dmg and tons of aoe CC.
It would be ok if it had 2/3, like, no CC at all, or lower dmg, or 0 mobility. But all at once… Thats explain why every 1-th is GA user.

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They should fix the bug with 10-20% dammage on light-medium armor and give heavy armor -10 or -20% debuf on dammage and crit chance. For tanks it will be ok, but for those braindead GA it will be a reason to think twice while choosing armor.


It is really bothersome that any person can put on heavy armor and greataxe and somehow they became a god in pvp. You guys mention really nice things they can do to nerf it. No matter what any right minded person should easily see how broken this weapon is.


If they don’t fix it, people will leave the game, cuz it’s forcing them to play only this build. It’s not ok !


true, i leave if its not nerfed to the end of the month. not gonna play mmo with 1 weapon type and 1 armor type (1 class)

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Not yet with armor. I did barely 700 in total damage using end gear rapier stats with food using a full backstab combo with rapier on regular heavy armor. Heavy armor is still bugged very much and 700 damage was backstab again mind you. I did the same combo without backstab bonus and barely 500.