GreatAxe! Plz help me understand the "balance" of this weapon!

Because the guy who decided they want to make a melee weapon that has cc, a gap closer/escape, an execute, Buffs, Highest base damage, and scaling into one weapon really wanted that weapon to shine. The rest of the weapon team just put the bare minimum effort and left.

That or he sabotaged every other weapon for his axe fetish. I don’t know


I’ve been complaining about this since day 1.

GA can pull you in (idk what the perk is called) that hooks you and pull you in.

GA Can charge at your for over 10 meters at faster speed than any run, this will stagger you and it can not be interrupted.

GA can hold you in place with gravity well, it has a huge area that it covers, to get out of it you have to start hopping once you get caught in it (if you are hopping, you aren’t defending yourself)

If all these fail, the GA user can keep hitting M1 and the tracking of the weapon will keep making them lunge towards you doing 1k - 1.5k dmg per swing, even if you hop 3 times (using up all of your stamina to dodge) they can just keep swinging until you are out of stamina, which means you can’t block nor dodge and then you are dead.

Literally ZERO downsides.

And if all of this is not enough, add War hammer with all of the CCs it does.

I mean idk why this hasn’t been nerfed yet, it’s obvious.

Someone please ATTEMPT to vindicate this weapon combo.


GA and Hatchet skills makes the Light Armor build impossible in this game, especially for healers, that don’t do damage.

They have too much mobility, making two dodgerolls seems like nothing.

So before complaining about heavy armor healers, think of that…


Part of the reason why that’s the war meta is that you actually need people standing on points and those are the builds that can do it. Same thing in Outpost Rush.

Bow and mage builds are fun to play, don’t get me wrong. But in my experience, players running them tend to ignore objectives and roam more than they should be.

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Damage, CC, Mobility, Duribility at no real downside.

Dont realy see any direct ways of countering them, lack of utility for DPS in the form of Anti healing , anti CC , spacing tools , armor penatration just leaves you with dodge roll which is simply countered by their endless mobility and cc.

I would like to see simple things like burning targets take more elemental damage , meaningful slows and zoning tools that are atleast comprable to what the GA/WH gets

In other games I have played players can get “healiing sickness” when they over heal they take a 75% reduction to all healing for an aloted time, which more or less kills them in any engagment. I like the idea for health mangment to be a skill .

But conversly I hope GA and WH dont get nerfed too hard because you still need a lower skill floor weapons for a diverse community


There are numerous posts about how broken Gaxe is, Dev team has failed to address the situation. The games combat is woefully unbalanced and clunky as the mechanics were clearly designed around players being staggered by other players. The dev team is gonna have to pull a full “year one ESO” level effort to save this game.

I haven’t played for a couple weeks and won’t come back until the game is ready for release as of now it still feels like a broken beta. That being said it’s got great potential, and I am hopeful that it pulls itself up off the ground and becomes something worth throwing my free time at again.


Yep exactly! I know that very soon I won’t be doing any more pvp due to how broken and unstrategical this weapon is. And no PVP means no more hunting for gear and improving my character, no more of that means no point to play the game.

GA builds should be - Dammage OR Survivability - NOT BOTH !

warhammer or hatchet is way stronger for pvp. ga is only used because of the catch-up skills to harvest the glascanons, else dodgespam+running in light armor would dominate pvp. even more than now…

use a spear, sword+shield, hatchet, rapier or a warhammer and you can kill every ga. ga is the “counter” for the range meta.

why many people play ga, even in pve, instead of the superior wh? its the only “sharp” 2handed weapon, not because of the average damage. many miss a 2handed sword.

While i agree that GA are needed to balance and help catching glass cannons, i think they still have too much mobility. Glass cannons at least have damage as a form of defense… Think now about the poor light armor life staff users, that have less armor, less mobility and far less damage. They explode before sacred ground can heal them.


GA is too OP, that’s why they r everywhere

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yeah also the heavy armor/firestaff/lifestaff combo and people holding points against 10 players on their own needs to be balanced

I did one Outpost rush today and its the same GA combo that dont have to do anything but swing weapon, or Healer holding a point forever with their heavy armor(took 5 of us to kill him). For now im done with pvp in this game untill I c that the devs are caring about the balance of certain classes in the game. Which means my time spending playing NW will start decreasing a lot. Hope they will soon look into these things cause it is really a shame to leave an awesome game just cause of its pvp imbalance. PVP should be about who has the skill to withstand and thrive in fights, not who can just close their eyes and kill ppl while not dying.

Thats the meta man , a heavy armor Great axe War hammer crowded mass pvp spike meelee massacre . Bow users - spear - rapier- musket and light armor stands no chance vs heavy armor no matter what you dodge or not your 3x roll will get clapped vs warhammer aoe stun or even gaxe rush or even GRAVITY WELL KEKW . There is no balance on armor or even gear , you have to get over it . There will be no fix on that thats the game and im sorry for letting you know that . meanwhile try to hit some arrows while the fire mage is doing a/a more than an actual arrow with no hitbox ! its insane

Thanks Man, We work hard out there <3

I just came out from a war after the resilient and onyx “fix”.
Never have i been so bored and frustrated from this game.
Everyone and their mother run great axe. There is no way to escape or survive this weapon of mass destruction. Its ridiculous. They have way to many mechanics to catch you or hold you in place for having that damage output. Its swings way to hard, and way to fast. And every swing does kind of a little charge.

I will not play anymore of this game until they nerf the great axe. Me and a whole lot of other players are leaving solely because of the state of great axe.

You’re joking, right? Everyone is getting massacred by ga, even the ones you claim kills GA. GA is top tier in every aspect.
Best mobility of all weapons - The lunge combine with weapon perks giving. Even with the dodge roll from light gear isnt enough to escape.
Highest DPS of all weapons - by far, like… a lot… Slicing through light gear like butter. Even our heavy armored healers said they get oblitterated since the fix on resilient and onyx.
On par with CC as other weapons - Gravity Well, Reap… you name it.

Ppl play it because its so overpowered, it overshadows every other weapon. Not because its “sharp”.

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Yeah I saw this comment and didnt even bother to say anything about it cause it obvious that this guy doesnt do any PVP. Plz have in mind that I have used all builds in the game. The GA was the easiest weapon ever! The time I played with the GA I only had to do like 50% of the work I would do when I played any of the other builds. It is beyond braindead. you really dont have to have a working brain to dominate in pvp when u use a GA. I actually never understood the phrase of “brain dead” untill I used that weapon(I am not being sarcastic btw). The GA in this game perfect the definition of a brain dead weapon!

Nerf em all! Nerf I say!

I especially love when I skillfully dodge the attacks yet they just hold down left click to teleprt 10m and immediately hit me as I’m coming out of the dodge. Or when reap grabs me at 30 meters