Greataxe rework ideas

Not necessarily great, but the combat in this game needs more weapon mechanics to make them interesting. I know nothing will happen but what do you guys think. Ill keep updating as ideas are given. Also probably formatted bad will work on that later

-----Bloodlust tree------
Idea is for chase, adding pressure, and closing the deal on a small number of targets

Reap- keep same except have the second attack also have a short range pull

Charge— charge up to 20m doing 100% weapon damage can be ended at anytime stam drain 2.5 per meter
-grit and ranged basic attack deflect reducing damage by 30% during charge
-hamstring- attack now deals additional 10% damage per second bleed for 5 seconds and disables dodge for 2.5 seconds and 20% slow for 3 seconds

Sever- 100% weapon damage 10% rend, 10% weapon damage per second for 6 seconds
-add grit
-when heavy attack hits enemy this bleed expires and deals 100% extra damage

Endcap -15m range Bloodlust 10% movement speed and damage. When looking at target gain 1.25% additional movement speed and damage per 5% missing hp. Cap 25% movement and 20% damage

-heavy attacks bleed dealing 4% weapon damage per second for 5 seconds stacking 4 times each

-heavy attacks give empower increasing damage by 6% stacks 2 times

-executioner-increase armor penetration by 2% per 10% missing hp max max 10% armor pen

Feed- bleeding targets now heal you for 10 % of the damage done to them

-frustration, hitting a block increases damage by 10% and stamina damage by 20% for 4 seconds

-crits heal you 10% of damage done

-increase critical chance by 2% per 10% missing target hp max of 10% cc

  • shrug it off–stacking fortify buff of 2% per 10% hp lost

–Mauler tree-----
Area control and damage. Self exhaust mechanic to increase to keep from being too powerful and add more dynamic gameplay

Maelstrom- keep same except first swing grit

Whirlwind-60% damage per .5 second costs 5 stamina per .5 seconds and gives you a stack of exhaust at 5% to self per second stacking up to 8 times (maximum 8 hits)

  • grit and movement speed increased by 30%
    -incease damage to targets on subsequent hits by 5 percent each hit
  • Whirlwind now causes a weak pull every 1 second and damage is reduced to 35% per hit

Abyssal fissure- has grit, raise your axe and smash the ground opening a rift 60% damage 6m area pulls in enemies and roots .1 second slows 40% in area
-fissure now erupts after 3 seconds dealing 80% weapon damage, plus 10% per enemy inside area (max 40%)
-grant 5% fortify to self and allies for 5 seconds per enemy hit max (20%)

Endcap-momementum— every hit increases 4% damage and 5% heavy attack speed stacks 5 times 5s. heavy attacks now take 2 stamina per stack and at max stacks heavy attacks give you 1 stack of exhaust fully charged heavy attacks give you 2 stack of exhaust
Heavy attack speed not added when out of stamina
Exhaust 2.5% stamina regen reduction
Max exhaust stacks on self 10


-Heavy attacks now have grit and pull enemies towards you

-pulls now cause exhaust 20% stam regen reduction

-heavy attacks reduce cds by 4% per enemy hit max 8%

-hitting debuffed enemies gives 5% fortify stacking 3 times for 5 seconds

  • when stamina is at 10 reset exhaust stacks and gives 10 stamina with 40 stamina over 10 seconds in tank stance gives 20 stamina and 60 stamina over 10 seconds 45 second cd

-fully charged heavy attacks give 5% rend on target stacks 2 times

-increase damage by 1% per stack of exhaust on self or 1.25% ranged damage reduction per stack of bolster

Tank mechanic toggle- can only be changed out of combat
Momentum instead of damage gives a stack of 5% fortify and 5% aggro buff called bolster
Max bolster stacks on self 8

Basic attack changes
Change fully charged heavy attack to a quick double 360 spin after the charge up 95% damage each
Change light attack combo to 3 hits 2 wide arcing and one over head 100 100 115
Heavy attack combo 2 wide one 360 spin
130% 130% 150%

Fine tuning is the developers’ job. Just say more or less.

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