GreatAxe / WarHammer Combo

did u guys know that theres other weapons options that actually require to use your brain? lol 99.9% of OPR is greataxe and hammer… i got no respect for anyone who uses this braindead weapons

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I see a lot of VG and spear now (not at the same time).

But yeah their lead devs’ favorite weapons from their own dev stream are greataxe/warhammer.

There’s actually an elephant in the room about axe/hammer combo in wars that makes useless all strategies, one side can just zerg spamming gravity and hammer CC and there’s no way to counter.

The side that doesn’t abuse this meta using 30+ users has big difficulties moving between the 3 points because of walls of gravity skills, point holding it’s impossible because of axe/hammer CC spamming, trying flanking with mages is pointless since one single axe/hammer player can wombo/combo them all.

yeah I think they need to make it like the other aoe so you can only be affected by 1 persons stun/ aoe even for like 1 sec after, this way it would prevent spam of 5 people all smashing at the same time and promote skill of timing the slams alot better. i dont think the stun needs changing just simply the amount of times you can be hit in a row with it. just like with rain of arrows it only allows 1 caster to put it on 1 target. it should be the exact same for the hammer stuns and G well

I got killed by those 2 weapons around 90% of the times, but I rather that than those muskets and bow from miles away. Just need a good party to play effectively in the OPR imo.

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