GreatSword Damage Feedback

As GreatSword main, I have a few suggestions

Greatsword heavy damage is exaggeratedly too much

Here are my suggestions for you to fully establish the balance;

GreatSword damage output should be reduced by -5%

Heavy damage should be reduced by -10%

but the weapon’s Critical Damage Multiplier should be increased from 1.25 to 1.40.
this feature should not be on the gun

Should be added to Path of Onslaught ( Outgoing Critical Damage Multiplier Increased: +0.15 )

GreatSword will be stabilized with these changes

How will it be balanced?

Currently in GS Heavy armor, Med Armor damage is incredibly ridiculous
Deals a lot of damage and takes very little damage.

Too much damage even with Path of Defiance active
and most Meds Heavy players use at least 1 at most 2 abilities from the defiance Tree
Considering an absurd ability like Guard Point, the result is extreme unblance
High Damage, High defense This is unacceptable for MMOs

With this change, the person who wants to damage should have Light armor or Med + maximum 100-150cons ie High damage, Low defense

What you are suggesting actually sounds like a buff to the weapon. People don’t really use light attacks when heavy ones charge fast, so lets say your heavy attacks do 2000 damage with a 2500 crit. This change would make your heavy attacks do 1800, with a 2520 crit. Since greatsword users can basically pick when they have crit, all I see this doing is increasing the damage. People would just stack crit damage and obliterate anybody they targeted. I really wouldn’t worry about it though because the weapon is too strong as it is, and it will most likely be nerfed in upcoming patches.

-%5 main damage + -%10 heavy damage.
GS’s main damage is heavy Attack. heavy attack total -%15 nerfed
2000 damage -%15 = 1700*1,.4=2380
Other skill damage is normal.
this way, they will put an end to the high damage/high defense crap of builds like med/heavy

Currently, Defiance tree players can 1vxx because they are very difficult to die and they can easily kill because their damage is very high
this is ridiculous

If they do this, they will restore the balance.
high damage/low defense. low damage / high defense balance that’s it

Ah ok, that makes sense now. Great sword users do take 15% more damage while in Onslaught stance, which is a lot. There aren’t any other weapons that make you take more damage to my knowledge. Also, given how telegraphed their abilities are, It isn’t difficult to dodge them in light or medium armor.

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Which already exists with the 30% differences in incoming and outgoing damage between Onslaught and Defiance.


^this is the reason why noone bats an eye when a GS is comming at you
From all meele weapons it’s probably the least one posing a real threat (in opr at least)

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shoot running GEN regular slapping some bosses with charged heavy attacks for 5500-6500 crits and my GS is not even 625 just using the free 610 legendary you get story quest in brimstone. rocking Dex primary for it with a bow. Add the dots from the bow and go smacky skmack

GS works in Gen esp in lower mutas/reg cause you can ignore everything.
I hit 11k in gen reg with the questsword lel
But try GS in a muta on Ennead, the 15% dmg increase and the long animationlocks make me wanna skip ppl having it equipped lol

Sure it might need some tuning, but it is a high risk high reward weapon, and boy if you mess up do you feel it good if you get animation locked or get caught while in onslaught stance at the wrong time, things you normally would survive you wont anymore.

IMO i think tuning of this weapon need to be done carefully and not to exagerated in any direction, it is a very versatile weapon that plays great with a lot of weapons and if it get tuned to much in any direction just based on the dmg output alone it could cause crazy havoc ( They nerfed it by 10% or something on the PTR if i remember correctly ) or it would be no point in using GS above GA since GS has shorter chase potential than GA and less CC ( Yes you have CC on GS but it is situational CC nothing like what you can do with GA to lock targets down or stick to them like glue)

in the big picture Brimstone also added a ton of stuff to make things a lot more versatile on the DPS and Survival front, hope the devs look at it from the full perspective and not just in a closed box so we end up with a weapon trophy on our walls.

Good to see a post that is not just " omg nerf plz" but with some more in depth feedback.

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dude, since the forum is made up of Musket,BoW players, it’s very normal to see people posting in the style of “omg nerf plz”. these are players who still shamelessly want even their incredibly powerful BoW/Musket/Rapier classes to be buffed. Don’t expect much from these people.

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