Greatsword nerf

Nerf this greatsword, that’s nonsense, no skill required, insane damage
With current servers we can’t even invincible frame with the dodge because there’s so much desync and delay
So evey greatsword users are just left click spamming, lowering this game skillcap so much


Nope. It’s great in PvE.


You see, another argument to nerf it. Thanks for highlighting.


Pfff, y? Everything that’s good in PvE, is “OP” in PvP…
F4ck, PvP … seriously…


Does not matter how weapon does feel in pve.
Since weapons are same for pvp and pve they will be balanced for pvp.

Later of top of that some pve layer can be adedd to balance for pve. Dunno why devs didng figure out they can use oils and craps you add on your weapon like in witcher - and it does incresae weapon dmg in pve. Simple, elegant solution.

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DEV said they’re gonna nerf some weapons like Musket in PVP but buff it in PVE. they wanna nerf Rapier. Fire Staff will nerf too.

If they will nerf FS even more then they will loose tousands of players.
This will show to everyone that they dont care about balance and for pvp players it will be clear signal to leave this game.

They have no idea what they do :slight_smile: They tried nerf musket on ptr 2 times already. Each time it did more dmg :slight_smile:

Lets hope this is they way to nerf fs xd

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How are you supposed to fight this weapon? Insane tracking, insane dmg, while with rapier and even hatchet your tracking is SHIT
Devs didn’t take into account that this weapons range is even higher than the distance of a light roll, you still take the swing even after dodging xD

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Wondering how Greatsword could even go live as it is lol. Literally one shotting everything in PvP and insane gap closing and survival possibilities especially in combination with hatchet.

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I think the devs knows this, but they want the new player feel strong and keep playing this game
They take the gamble to make the old player base leave to bring the new ones


I, 100%, that it needs to be nerfed. Never should have released a weapon that does literally everything, and thats the problem. I cannot even sugges how to nerf it, because after any single nerf it will still be “OP”.

It literally does all these things: High DMG, Debuffs, Cleanse, Mobility, Healing, Multi-hits to counter i-frames, Staggers/CC, DMG Reduction, Stamina Gain and even has long reach…

How do you nerf a weapon that has all this effectively, without a redesign.


Greatsword counter? Just use it :)))

No musket it, kill them before they are within 50 yards…