Greatsword scaling differently from STR and DEX

I played a bit with my spec and noticed that I get more damage with the Greatsword from DEX rather from STR, which is weird since it should scale the same…
You can see for yourself in attached photos, I made sure the damage difference exists in combat as well.

Can anyone explain it to me, or is it a bug?

because of dimishing return. give 100 in str and then 100 in dex. both should be the same


No bug. Scales 81% STR / 80% DEX.
Just make equal numbers…

I don’t get it… In my example I have STR 50 & 100 bonuses and DEX 50 bonus in both cases. every point beyond that should result in same damage if I put all in STR or in DEX, but reality is that DEX gives me more damage… I would love to understand why, what am I missing?

The more points you spent in either STR or DEX the less damage does it give. That’s called dimishing return.

So raising DEX from 50 to 74 gives more damage than raising STR from 100 to 124 and vice versa.


So that’s what I was missing! thank you!

There are diminishing returns at every 50 or 100 points in a stat which is why an even split is most optimal for an equal scaling weapon. You don’t have enough stats to play around with yet to really see the difference but after 100 points each point is worth less. Same at 200 and 300. For DPS (depending on how glass cannon you go) something like 200/200 or 200/250 (perk) or 250/250 will result in the highest damage.


These are fake numbers to make the example simple.

  • From 5-50 you get 5 pts of damage per attribute point.
  • From 50-100 you get 4 pts of damage per attribute point.
  • From 100-150 you get 3 pts of damage per attribute point.

So if you spent all the way to 150 on 1 stat then only 50 on the other. Yes you get more damage than going all the way to just 200.

Hope this makes sense.

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