Griefing: Call to action

Seriously, and experience level doesn’t even take long to get up so that you can be more competitive.

Never said that. 2v1 you should lose. The game has stealth mechanics

Yes…and that’s exactly why I won’t flag until I feel like I can handle myself.


And that’s exactly why tons of people, including myself, haven’t touched this game in over a month

They have severely reduced repair costs and frequently try to adjust for level differentials. TBH, you sound like the only pvp you like is when you are the winner, otherwise you are calling it griefing.


Well, I’m sorry, but I can’t justify a level 10 getting upset because he gets killed by a level 60 when he willingly goes out there flagged, alone. I don’t see how it’s fair to keep someone from using mechanics that are part of the game because someone is foolish enough to behave that way. I also think those level 10’s or whatever are the least of their problems, and people are quitting left and right for much more important game breaking reasons.

(Edited: It’s honestly no different than a level 10 running around in Ebonscale Reach and complaining that the mobs keep killing him over and over.)


Whatever you say bud, you got ganked this morning

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It is every reason to call it griefing, if what is happening is nothing more than ganking.

Yes, one can avoid getting killed by not flagging. One also can avoid getting killed by not playing. It is clear that Amazon did not mean that people not play. What makes more sense in the flagging system is that people mean what they reasonably could expect to mean - the fair and two-sided pvp.

Maybe because one can expect people not to use mechanics to grief people, just as in other forms of griefing.

Its not griefing, its pvp.

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The last time I played the game was when a life staff user tanked 9 headshots, two sticky bombs, tando + flurry inside of a trap and three skeletons attacking him because his heals drew their agro. Then he killed me with his healing staff.

That was awhile ago. Don’t really feel like coming back to this mess of a game. Would rather see it die. Do please, grief new players. Thanks.

Now im a little confused.

Is it griffin if iam in my mining gear (str/light) if i normally play voidbend armor.
Then i get jumped by a “trololol Bow/Rapier” player who is clearly bad, course i killed him with S&S+Warhammer?
Did i griff him now or did he try to griff me and failed miserable course he was really really bad in pvp?

1on1 PvP is much more about skill in this game then in nearly every other MMORPG out there.

If you compare to “lets kill low lvl players” they can disable PvP everytime they want. You really dont need to to lvl up. (But yeah killing lvl 10-30 players while lvl 60 is lame)

So you havent played this game in a long time, and then decide to come to the forum to make this post. smh

And now you are so bitter you wish the game would “die” and take away the fun others are having. This is so sad


I haven’t played since the second Trading Post shutdown where I lost tons of coin and never got compensated, and became completely broke with no way to make money because my repair costs were too high. I don’t want to come back to this mess of a game either.

So, yeah, we all have our things. The difference is, my complaint is about a game breaking bug, and the decisions they made to try to fix it that ended up screwing me and a bunch of people over.

Whereas you…are complaining about getting killed when you make a conscious choice to flag.


Yea pretty much. Amazon made it seem like the game would be good but wasted my time and money. Pretty shitty of them.

Killing someone flagged in open world PVP is not griefing by any sense of the word. Things like dragging mobs on someone to steal their nodes might be called griefing. Things like maybe sitting at someone spawn point and killing them over and over might be called griefing. What this thread is describing is not griefing.

If people don’t play its because they don’t like the game. It isn’t because they wanted to flag for some luck bonus and got killed.

What you can reasonably expect when you flag PVP is that you might get killed any time, anywhere, by anyone. If you want some “fairness” that you are describing then what you are talking about is dueling, wars, and OPR.


IF a DD can kill a Healer “solo” with absolutly no problems then the game desing failed course it would render Healer useless.
If you need 5 DDs to kill 1 heal then someting is wrong too but right now 2 players have nor problem killing 1 heal. It can take some time sometimes but if they are not completly stupid they will kill the heal.

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Ok what you just admitted here is that your thread isn’t genuine. You are just here to troll.


Just ironic you are complaining about griefing and it not being fair/fun, and then you are purposefully wishing something to fail, which are people are enjoying. You want to take away a game that thousands of people are enjoying because of you not enjoying the game. You are selfish.

I’m glad you all agree that killing new players who can’t fight back is not griefing. Please go kill them all. That’s what my post is literally asking for. Go forth and kill this shitty game.