Griefing or competitive play - what is your opinion?

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I don’t think they are mutually exclusive. I would agree that if they just ran up and got to a resource node before you did, that would be ‘competitive’. If you were both trying to kill the same creature and they just skinned it before you did…competitive.

But here, we’re talking about one player purposely following another player around and waiting for them to kill something so they can steal the skin. That goes beyond actual competition into griefing.

Edyran the Griefer has spoken again yall.

It’s a gray area but the aggro works both ways. A player can run up and try to snatch a node you are killing a mob under. Is their behavior any different? Maybe you can use the mob to try and get them off it.

In any case I don’t think it can be changed without a huge rework. Even with a mob AI tweak there may be other ways to grief players off nodes. The only option would be to bind nodes to the first player who hits them for a short period or make them all 1 tap. The shared progress bar is what makes this behavior possible.


Actually no, we are talking about this:

What you described could absolutely be griefing when it’s targeted and you follow a -player- and not just following the same farm route.

I experience this every day as I farm most my gold from skinning. I often end up with a player “follow me”, but in reality he is following the same route that I do and vice versa. There are ore in that area and sometime people pull mobs to someone mining to steal the node. It’s a dick move but I wouldn’t call it griefing as they are not doing it to harass that player personally but they are doing it to obtain resources. Personally I only do that against bots. But I will take advantage of a situation if I can steal and node when someone else aggro mobs and gets interrupted naturally.

Some other situation would be more closer to griefing. When 2 players work together in a skinning area. If a third player shows up then one of the other two who are a team will follow that person to steal skins while the second guy skin for both those players. But again, they are not following a players pre se, they are following resources. But they don’t do that to harass; they do it to get resources. And that makes it not griefing my boo.

Whether it should or should not be allowed I don’t have an opinion on but I do have the opinion that it’s not griefing. I think it’s important to reserved that word for actual targeted harassment.

When resources are finite on specific timers, with the competition of bots and rmt, people will resort to anything to get the resources they need.

This is why I’m heavily for individual nodes on CD rather than open world nodes that just get farmed out by bots/rmt.

This is a terrible idea.

When mob tagging was changed in WoW. You know what botters did? They formed multiple 5-man teams to do just enough damage so each group would get credit, and therefore able to loot.

The result. A mob that normally only dropped maybe 5g was now dropping 20g; 5g per group of 5.

This is what will happen, but for nodes. You’ll see groups of four or five “players” all go to the iron node and EACH get ~20 ore.

Hell, you see it now with chests. Where a gang of 10+ will be running around in SM getting elite chests.

((They aren’t botting, btw. Just grinding HWM.))

Full on PvP MMO RPG’s fail at a 99.9% rate. There’s a reason WoW got rid of pvp only servers (They died). And with the overwhelming toxicity of the PvP player base the game would die in a month or two completely. Yeah abusing the mechanic is griefing and I’m guilty of it as well. Is it frustrating? Yes. But it is what it is until we can get AGS to fix their agro mechanics. I’ve shot wolves that were right in front of me only to watch them run halfway across the map to some poor schlep cutting trees or smacking rocks. And I’ve had waves of mobs just rush me from out of nowhere for no other reason than they randomly dropped agro on their original target.

If the cooldown is long enough like daily (22 hours), bots can only stick to safe areas due to being low level, and often can’t fight. That dramatically restricts the amount of nodes they can get to. Instead of looping a safe set of nodes, they’d have to go loop around Monarch’s, Windsward, First Light and Everfall, without dying or getting stuck.

The bots could instead diversify and hit stone/wood/motes as well in the safer areas. Overall the output for each bot would drop dramatically, and they wouldn’t be able to min/max the most profitable resources. Like you said, they’d need more bots to compensate, but they requires more accounts, and depending how fast accounts get banned (if they do), they may not make a profit at all anymore.

Meanwhile the price of resources would change a lot. Instead of people camping orichalcum nodes, people would farm them while doing SM elite runs for example. That node can only ever be harvested once per 25-30 minutes roughly depending on size, so 50~ times a day. So two elite runs of 25 people would equate to that quite easily.

I don’t know how much it’d effect the economy as it’d depend on how many people would decide to gather their own materials, or gather to sell.

You’re still not getting it. If I’m a botter and I can only loot a node every day.

…I’ll just get 100 accounts to go loot that node. Two Days? 300 accounts. It comes down to how quickly each account becomes profitable. Since AGS doesn’t do immediate bans, and opts for Ban “waves” (like every other company) bots are very profitable. So running a ‘bot farm’ isn’t out of the question.

Like. You have to realize botters aren’t thinking like you do. If they see a problem they do “diversify”. They just throw more bots at it.

It’s only when something drastic is done (ie: removing coins from Fished-up chests) that the botters then diversify into other activities.

I guarantee you if there was an Elite Chest in a 55+ zone that had no mobs around it…like ever; some dev placed it while ‘world building’ and forgot to move/delete it. There’d be at least 500 bots there looting it every day and then logging off for the ~24hr period it takes to refresh.

…It’d probably be a ‘wave log in/log out’ to avoid collision-based interaction issues. So you’d probably see roughly 10 players log in, loot, log out; 10 different login, loot, log out; repeat until all accounts have been flagged (in the bot program) as having logged in and logged out.

So how do you think they get the 100 accounts, the 100 computers to run them on, the people to babysit them? You force them to go from 1 account doing stuff to 100, that is a big change. It’s not like they just buy a cheap $1000 PC and can run 100 accounts simultaneously.

If you force it to a point where it isn’t profitable enough they’ll stop. If you force it to take longer to generate in game money to then sell, it’ll reduce RMT and make it more costly. It isn’t about “stopping” them outright, but reducing it to a point where it really isn’t noticed.


@DurtyT. Is there any real need to do that? I have done it my accident once. And it has been done to me, but I got the player killed with the mobs.

Definitely frustrating. Agreed.

Until it changes, if it ever does, can we just not abuse it please?

If the nodes are individual, that means it’s an individual instance for that player, there is no “sharing”. I think you misunderstand the whole solution.

Chests is a whole different discussion, not this one.

I’ve seen it, but them looting doesn’t prevent me from getting mats to do BiS rolls. Having no chance at grabbing nodes does.

This is griefing, hands down.

Uh…unless NW has some kind of block in place to prevent running multiple clients at once. You can run at least 3 on a ‘decent’ rig if they’re all set to Low and windowed.

No. You do not understand. If you have 20 character loot the same thing, and you own all 20 accounts. You get x20 of the yield. After you funnel it to the main mule.

Nope. It’s a real-case example of an object that can be interacted with by multiple players at once. Only one person can mine an iron node. An infinite number can loot the same chest. The purposed change would make Nodes have unlimited interactions just like Chests currently do.

So…you want every material to be 0.01g a unit? Because that’s what will happen. Or are you really convinced that 200+ bots mining the same Ori Node wouldn’t drop the price of Ori Ore/Ori Ingots?

You: “But that just means cheaper mats”.
Me: That also means your crafts won’t be worth as much. Have fun rolling a ‘god roll’ 600GS Legendary and only getting 500g for it. Instead of the usual 20k. Because all the mats to make it are dirt cheap.

((This already happened. People were discarding Ori Ore because it was 0.01g to 0.03g a unit thanks to the massive amounts of botting that was going on.))

It’s not abuse, maybe you should find a game that suits you, possibly hello kitty online

Nope, if you don’t like it pvp up and kill the offending player

If you aren’t pvp’d up to protect yourself you should not receive any end game content