Griefing or competitive play - what is your opinion?

no we´re maybe 20-25% of the original playerbase. the rest isnt a factor tho as thats just the usual flood of maggots that just try a game for a month to ruin it with their worthless carebear opinions and then move on to ruin the next game.

the rest of whats left is just the hardcore fanboy neckbeards that cant let go. sunken cost fallacy etc. but dont worry they will leave soon too. their brain is just less developed so it takes them longer to realize this game has no future but eventually they will get it too.

I dont really care if that worked or didn’t work in alpha, and why would I, we are on live servers now, and whats currently happening is not really optimal either, right?
I am aware that it is how it originally was designed way bk, thank you for refreshing my memory tho.
So onto the real issue at hand.
Sorry, but how thickheaded are u people?:innocent:
My points still stand, and it would work now, on live. Why wouldn’t it? Oh yes, I remember, cause people find it “too competetive”
Just cause u think it would be a hardcore envoirement to be a part of; out in the open New World, where danger (should) lurk around the corner, it doesn’t mean it would be a worse world, quite the opposit, in fact, unless u are ONLY into pve, New World was hardly ever designed to be full pve, was it?
It would make it a lot more alive and engaging, instead of deviding the remaining playerbase into flagged/unflagged people, it would require interaction/combat and risk/reward. How can you seriously think that just running a route/farmspot continously for hours and hours is engaging and fun gameplay? Are you a bot?:rofl:
And oh ye, also, when Amazon fails to remove bots in general (guess that’s an issue considering the amount of threads and ppl complaining about them), you are able to dispose of those yourself, another plus, not having to wait days or weeks, before action is taken.
Last I heard, dev team also value small scale pvp as well as larger scale, and not being able to engage with x amount of people, cause they are in the same world, yet not really (u share spot/ressources, but are not able to do anything but abuse game mechanics to interact) is just shit. Are the majority of the people here, satisfied with sharing e.g. 20 ironwood trees? Or 10 ori nodes? If u wanna make gold, making it on double the time seems just meh (unless u have a looot of time on your hands for that one activity) but guess that’s just me.

Now you are in cognitive dissonance land and hallucinating.

Here is a quote from the linked article. Hallucinate on.

“One of the problems we observed with this system was that some high level players were killing low level players, A LOT. Sometimes exclusively. This often led to solo or group griefing scenarios that created a toxic environment for many players.”

10% of what? Prove your numbers.

go to and see for urself. im at work, its blocked here so i cant link it.

Again 20-25% of what. Are you just making up numbers. Show your work.

Convenient. Get back to work.

fuck no. only peasants actually work at work lul. im getting paid mostly for lurking forums and doing some light work meanwhile :stuck_out_tongue:

I use to farm with pvp on so If someone is flagged too, I combat with him. If the other isn’t flagged and the resource is important enough, I try to taunt some mob against him. I think it is legit, it’s use of the environment against another player (like climb into a mountain and attack another player from the hills)

Observed from people crying, then they had to dumb down the game

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Oh… you are one of the gankers from Alpha! I get it now Ganker Edyran. You just want to gank lowbies. So glad you cant do that now.

this guy gets it. its 100% legit. is it a lame strat? maybe but ppl wouldnt have to do it if it was forced pvp and we could just fight each other properly over ressources.

Oh but I can, lowbies are pvping up for that bonus now, or I can train mobs into them

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Says Edyran the Greifer. You are just proving that you want to gank lowbies.

Edyran the Griefer is proud of his griefing and bragging about it.

AGS stated this is a “fully focused pvp game” so whatever someone does to invoke pvp is okay. Take it for what it’s worth.

That is correct, do you thrive on confirming what I say?

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You call it sociopath, I call it getting the content out of a game that I want

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Love how a somewhat constructive discussion about a viable subject turned into a mud throwing pit, just like that! U go girls! :v:

I’m going to be honest with this one, if this wasn’t a worry of mine while playing i probably would have stopped by now. the pve repetitiveness gets old fast. I only stay flagged to throw a wrench in the grind didn’t even know I was getting a bonus to xp… Cant count how many times i have made it to the top of of a tower clearing mobs and a lvl 60 ( I’m only 58 now) lands from jumping off a cliff on me and the mobs aggro me I’ve gotten some good loot from these mobs and got rolled goes both ways.