Griefing or competitive play - what is your opinion?

Sociopaths do not see a problem in what they do.

If you are not Flagged and they are intentionally luring on you this is griefing.

No it’s not, it’s using game mechanics as intended

No, you are using game mechanic to your avantage. It might not be super nice or pretty, but Its designed to be able to happen(unless they change it ofc) and most people wanna get the most outta the time they spend on farming, this is the only one way to up your yield… as the game curr plays out…

also, pr definition, griefing/griefers derieve pleasure from destroying the gameplay for others, which is not the actual case here, everyone can do this exact same thing to others vice/versa, and the majority who use this game mechanic, does it to have to spend less time farming, not to actually hurt other players as the main goal. When there is no full pvp enabled, this is the only way u can fight over nodes, save time and in terms, get more benefit - its stupid as it is, but it is how it currently is, regardless. Disgussing what it is, wont change reality, enabling full pvp will change it, or change mob mechanics/st/mt hits or the like - we will see what the devs decide on, if anything at all.

In every game I have ever played it is against ToS to lure mobs to kill or harm others. This is considered a form of harassment. I stand by what I said that yes it is griefing unless Flagged. It is not an intended game mechanic.

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That is key and that makes it not griefing. You could call it exploiting perhaps but not griefing because griefing needs an intent targeted at a player other than obtaining resources.

It’s cool that u stand by what u say, despite the sheer reality of things.
Oh well, we won’t agree on that, as well as the subject of this topic, so might as well just leave it there. Peace out.

What other game have you tried doing something like this before btw? Taking over nodes from other players without pvp being a thing? And with the mechanic, actually being a thing.

Ive actually had this done to me a few times lol I think its hilarious and laugh it off then move on.

This is not other games, it is working as intended.

It’s all about the eyes that see - had it done to me countless times as well, done it myself as well - to me it’s just about trying to make the best of what it is, not being mad and feeling harassed etc, what will it help? If u know how to “control the beasts” u can win most fights ^^ but ppl be ppl tho, and some feel the way u see expressed in this thread! :slight_smile: and they are not happy or finding this any bit hillarious. I however love the competition it adds to boring farm, tho I do prefer just having to battle it out with pvp enabled, sadly thats just not currently possible in all circumstances! :frowning:

one time me and a company mate had a dual after pulling a couple of buffalos. Hilarious

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Lul, gotta dodge dem charges to get swings in :rofl::rofl:

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I don’t think they are mutually exclusive. I would agree that if they just ran up and got to a resource node before you did, that would be ‘competitive’. If you were both trying to kill the same creature and they just skinned it before you did…competitive.

But here, we’re talking about one player purposely following another player around and waiting for them to kill something so they can steal the skin. That goes beyond actual competition into griefing.

Edyran the Griefer has spoken again yall.

It’s a gray area but the aggro works both ways. A player can run up and try to snatch a node you are killing a mob under. Is their behavior any different? Maybe you can use the mob to try and get them off it.

In any case I don’t think it can be changed without a huge rework. Even with a mob AI tweak there may be other ways to grief players off nodes. The only option would be to bind nodes to the first player who hits them for a short period or make them all 1 tap. The shared progress bar is what makes this behavior possible.


Actually no, we are talking about this:

What you described could absolutely be griefing when it’s targeted and you follow a -player- and not just following the same farm route.

I experience this every day as I farm most my gold from skinning. I often end up with a player “follow me”, but in reality he is following the same route that I do and vice versa. There are ore in that area and sometime people pull mobs to someone mining to steal the node. It’s a dick move but I wouldn’t call it griefing as they are not doing it to harass that player personally but they are doing it to obtain resources. Personally I only do that against bots. But I will take advantage of a situation if I can steal and node when someone else aggro mobs and gets interrupted naturally.

Some other situation would be more closer to griefing. When 2 players work together in a skinning area. If a third player shows up then one of the other two who are a team will follow that person to steal skins while the second guy skin for both those players. But again, they are not following a players pre se, they are following resources. But they don’t do that to harass; they do it to get resources. And that makes it not griefing my boo.

Whether it should or should not be allowed I don’t have an opinion on but I do have the opinion that it’s not griefing. I think it’s important to reserved that word for actual targeted harassment.

When resources are finite on specific timers, with the competition of bots and rmt, people will resort to anything to get the resources they need.

This is why I’m heavily for individual nodes on CD rather than open world nodes that just get farmed out by bots/rmt.

This is a terrible idea.

When mob tagging was changed in WoW. You know what botters did? They formed multiple 5-man teams to do just enough damage so each group would get credit, and therefore able to loot.

The result. A mob that normally only dropped maybe 5g was now dropping 20g; 5g per group of 5.

This is what will happen, but for nodes. You’ll see groups of four or five “players” all go to the iron node and EACH get ~20 ore.

Hell, you see it now with chests. Where a gang of 10+ will be running around in SM getting elite chests.

((They aren’t botting, btw. Just grinding HWM.))