Griefing part of the game ? or toxic players Vs bad design?

So Shattered Mountains Mines has turned into a complete s fest on my server. Practically everyone farming Orichalcum there aggro’s mobs and trains them onto anyone they can, even when there isnt even a Orichalcum node to farm, presumably just to kill them and get them to leave the area.

So, is this now part of the PvE game ? I ask because reporting seemingly does nothing and everyone continues week after week. Is the game design - the number and distribution of nodes (globally) so bad that this is inevitable and players will just be toxic for resources in demand ?

I ask because the game genuinely offers me so little content that is fun that when I choose to farm PvE I really dislike this type of griefing and tend to log off and go play something else.

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I don’t know if they ever took any action against that type of behaviour, I reported it before, with video proof, but who knows …
By the way, on march patch things will change regarding the issue:

Updated AI Target acquisition in the open world to avoid targeting players who are not actively engaged in a fight

  • Initial target acquisition remains unchanged with the AI attacking the first player they detect
  • Once an AI has their initial target, they will only evaluate additional players if they take an aggressive act (attacking the AI, taunting, healing a player fighting the AI, etc)

Like the change, unfortunately it does exactly nothing to the griefer that stands on top of you so the mob hits you both and they proceed to (try and) steal the node. There needs to be a better change, real action against griefers, or legitamise this style of play and I will train the bastards right back.

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