Grit is amazing

If you haven’t tried speccing to 300 STR you should give it a try. The difference is STAGGERING!



In the next patch they are removing stagger on a lot of PvE mobs. Without grit trying to melee is insanely stupid.

Hatchet or 300 str is almost a requirement.

Yeah lol. Especially if you don’t have a tank taking the aggro in PvE. I helped a lower level friend with Elites in Brightwood the other day and was tanking with spear as my meele weapon. I think the fight took like 15 min against one of the bosses because I spent most of my time staggered (even though the boss was like 35? and I was 60).

The alchemist? That dude has the HP of chardis I fucking swear.


Sounds about right.

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