Grit moving to CON?

@Luxendra at some point there was mention of the grit perk moving from 300STR to 300CON which would be huge for tanks. Was that idea abandoned?


The “mention” of it was people on the forum who are bad at tanking. Its not something the developers were planning on doing, just another hairbrained idea people are pushing to try to nerf bruisers.

And they push it over and over in thread after thread, and bump it relentlessly because apparently they want the game to be bad for actual melee DPS builds.

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Would you stop jumping threads and shaming people just to keep your own agenda afloat?

Who are you to state someone is bad at tanking when you have never played with them? Just another assumption on your end. Why such hatred for tanks?


Tank is bad is not a reason, this change would do so much for the system

Just say “you tabk bad” is also your easy way for communication


Absolutely. He has been doing this on multiple threads.


Why are you like this. Be civil and people will be civil in return. You’re just provoking aggression.


Im not going to be civil to people who are being sneaky liars.

Ive repeatedly stated good reasons that this is a bad idea. None of you read them.

Im not saying “tank is bad” and never have. This change would not do anything positive to “the system”

I play tank. You dont need grit to do it.

If you think you do need grit to tank, you’re not good at playing tank and you don’t understand grit or the role that tanks are intended to play very well. get it?

There was (and continues to be) player mention of requests to do that - not Dev mention of any intent to do it - unless I’m completely mistaken. In which case please drop a link to that in here…because I completely missed it.

I may not agree with how some other people opposed to this request have framed their responses, but I do agree with the overall message. I don’t believe tanking needs Grit put under CON to make it better. I do believe tanks need a deep defender tree passive where, properly equipped (heavy/tower IMO), they are far far less susceptible to being pushed around.

I also believe most (no, not all, some are genuine good faith arguments) of the people asking are asking in order to take grit away from bruisers - not to help tanks.


just flag hin, like i did.

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I sincerely hope this happens, but just the fact that they haven’t even fixed the shield attributes bug yet, makes me pretty disheartened about it.

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It is ok, We are handicapped with stats and yet he still cries wolf.

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“we” = you trying to make this an “us against them” thing. It’s not.

I’m a tank. You keep conveniently ignoring that to push your agenda of trying to gut melee dps builds.

I play both. I tank every single day in expeditions for my company and faction. Even some pubs.

Trying to mischaracterize my actual statements into “crying wolf” when Ive repeatedly explained the hows and whys of what this change would do is just silly.

You can’t attack the message, so you keep trying to attack the messenger.

It isn’t working and people can see your ploy for what it is.

Stop jumping to diff threads. Stream your tanking Capabilities. We would like to see your god like tanking.

Why tho?

Check out the other Thread, He has called me a liar and that I am not a Tank. I have offered to show him my M10 Tanking skills and asked for his in return. As he claims to be a tank.

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Ah yes, I should let you disparage me in here and just not say anything.

You are talking at me, I get to respond even if you dont like it.

Now in the same thread you’re going from “stop going to different threads” to telling some other guy to go to the other thread. :laughing:

You’re really inconsistent bud.

Nice try flagging my post that is a direct reply to your silly BS. Why are you so afraid people will see it?

Stream your skills? Teach me your ways?

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I tank, and play a bruiser.

But i can’t say that i thought it would be a meaningful change to just take grit and swap it over. There are a myriad of things i would rather added for tanking tree abilities before i would want them to simply add grit.

And likewise if they did take it away from STR, which is why i am sure some people are also wanting that to happen. Is why on earth do you think they wont add something even more powerful to the STR tree? Because deep down you know they would. (Probably at 300STR light and heavy attacks cause gravity well) I jest, but i’m pretty sure they would just add something equal to or greater than grit on STR.

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but I don’t think the 300 str buff should be something weak, on the contrary. I think the function of dps is precisely to be more fragile to have more damage.

So if they actually remove grit from the STR passive, I hope they add more damage to that passive. Because, at the same time that those who use 300 STR would be more “counterable”, they would have even more damage to kill the opponent.