Grit moving to CON?

The counter to people with grit is to have damage output and punish them for standing still.
Or fleeing like 50% of builds do so their melee attacks dont touch you.

Grit has a cost. Its that you get hit every time because you are attacking and not dodging or blocking. If you’re attacking with autoattacks you aren’t chasing people down either.

You make them pay the cost. Its pretty simple to understand.

I stated that 300 STR should get one of the following:

  • 5% Dmg increase & 5% Haste

  • Each LA/HA landed gains a stack of 2% Dmg increase up to 5 Stacks lasts 5 Second and refreshes with each LA/HA hit landed.

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THIS IS FOR EVERY BUILD OUT THERE… If you are attacking, You are not running after someone, You arent dodging, You arent blocking. This is the worst argument I’ve seen.

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I dunno, for me personally the only reason i can stand melee in pve at all is grit. I can’t stand to play anything else, because you get staggered by every pve enemy attack there is, with that stupid thud sound it plays.

Honestly for PVP they could remove it and i wouldn’t cry foul because player attacks don’t do that, only the abilities do. I totally get that it negates a lot of abilities, and for those i’m really not that worried about. (I’m sure someone will argue about balance, something something)

Imagine your tank saying that now. That is all we are saying.

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Maybe they should add a requisite for grit that isn’t dependent on STR or CON. And give melee access to it, and rework STR/CON what have you for 300.


great suggestion, maybe be an accessory perk.
or maybe a bonus for wearing full heavy armor.

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This is Great, I think @Malva makes a great point with giving it to players who wear Full Heavy Armor. And for the STR 300 Bonus the Damage Buff of 5%


Actually, i really like that idea.

It would undoubtedly add a different dynamic to heavy builds, i’m sure someone will chime in momentarily about how that would break something. But it would make sense that heavy builds would/should have grit. (In my mind anyway)

Being that heavy armor adds mass, and reduces damage it could be the driving factor behind grit. Allowing tanks, heavy bruisers and other opportunities for grit other than 300STR only.

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Grit for LA/HA only obviously. But I think this is an idea to play with.


I think we reached a consensus gentlemens

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Fancy that, he likes the idea where he gets to have 17k health, heavy armor and be uninterruptible with the fastest light attack chain around which also applies a slow and can leech plenty of health.

Lets completely ignore the leap stab shenanigans too.


You guys have to actually consider the ingame effects of things a little harder.

No matter where you put the Grit, a heavy tank being immune to staggers will not be balanced in PvP since he can already shrug off everyone’s damage until 1-2 people specifically focus them and stagger and heavy attack them out of a block. It then takes additional players to pile on and get the kill, since you can still flee and potion like every other build and you’re starting with almost 2 full health bars that need to be run down to 0.

What’s to stop that person running a GA as their secondary to lock you down and charge away to heal up to 17k health again?

These ideas just make a hybrid tank DPS build that will be nigh unkillable and do slightly less damage than a bruiser. That’s not what a tank is for.

Thats why I keep saying “you need to actually play tank instead of trying to be a thicc melee dps”

If they are actually having trouble keeping aggro (which he admittedly is NOT having) the solution would be to adjust the % of threat that they generate so it makes them more attractive to mobs vs healers and DPS players.

Thats the kind of change a real TANK would be asking for.

Instead of “make it easier to tank by making taunts and threat generation better” we are getting these constant attempts to steal something from bruisers that doesn’t even make tanking better.

PS: someone tried to hide this post with flags because they still cant handle the message.

Here is your entire problem your worried about pvp balance. The tanks asking for some form of grit at 300 con are wanting it mostly for pve staggers from npcs. Tanks shouldnt be able to be knocked down or staggered by npcs while dps can ignore those same mechanics. It makes no sense from a holy trinity basis.

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You cant just ignore the affects of this on PvP.
It is not going to occur in a vacuum. It will affect everyone in every mode.

Even if it only affected PvE, you are repeating this untrue argument that melee DPS players get to ignore NPC attacks. They don’t. That’s not how grit works.

They take damage during grit and they are less capable of mitigating that damage than tanks. There is a cost and it’s your characters life.

There is no reason a defensive stat should give an offensive buff. If they build for defense they should be getting defense buffs, and grit is not a defense buff unless you imagine this mythical world where DPS players dont take damage and somehow have grit up 100% of the time and theres no cost to it.

That’s not the world we live in.

It doesn’t have to. PVPers constantly promote the idea of seperating how game mechanics work in PVP versus PVE. To say that you can’t make a change specifically for PVE and that it will affect PVP is very narrow minded and short sighted considering all the potential methods to implement something like this.

Absolutely true except for the whole part where a dps with 300 con is any less capable of mitigating that damage than any other player. The only benefit to the CON is HP and that isn’t mitigating damage at all it’s an increase to the health pull. Mitigating damage is when someone hits you for 200 damage and you only take 100. Please tell me where in the tank three from 201 to 300 there is a useful mitigation perk that a bruiser is giving up on when they go 300 strength? There isn’t one that’s why most tanks are 300 str and 200 con. That should be the very first sign there is an issue with the Con perks.

ANYONE with grit would pay that same cost your using as an argument.

Tanks get multiple fortifies by doing nothing but landing a crit autottack or hitting a single button skill. They run heavy armor and have a shield so they have more armor than any other heavy armor user.

This isnt about bruisers giving up mitigation its about tanks inherently having way more of it all the time than anyonem

They will be the least affected of anyone by the actual cost of grit.

Also 300 con grit would be broken when you imagine that everyone could now have it as you mentioned. Not just tanks. Anyone can have 300 con but does anyone want to play THAT game?

17k health mages that cant be staggered with path of destiney when they flee and who can light roll over the horizon. Just imagine how fun that would be. Damage outputs being lower wouldnt matter much when everyone is running 300 con. We would never get kills again.

Metas change and you can bet it would shift that way.

grit only works with melee attacks, so the situation you mentioned wouldn’t happen for mages (IG,VG,FS) or any other ranged weapons.

ps.: also doesn’t work with void blade.

CON should be the one having grit at 300 Attribute points and there is a lot of points i could tell why but its a waste of time i guess. I play melee myself.

Agreed or maybe at 300CON some sort of anti stagger perk for SNS that’s PVE only.

throw it onto full heavy armor as a special armor “perk”

not on the armor it self but if you have full blow heavy then you get it.

bruisers in heavy can get it,
tanks can have it.
weird heavy muskets and mages can also get it. (actually they cant but shhh)