Group finder is just not good enough

I was really excited for the group finder feature, as it would mean players could do something very easily pretty much any time they want even if they didn’t know what to do, it would be easily accessable end game content, Or so i thought…
I logged in about a month ago when group finder had released very excited to try it and atleast be able to jump into something easily. I am 600 GS on everything i have problems finding things to do, i so i thought this would be a great option and would solve that problem, well that was not the case at all. This was right after the new dungeon came out, barnacles & blackpowders. First, there is no icon on the map indicating where it is, unless someone is helping you or you just randomly stumble upon it, you’re not going to find it as you have to discover the area to even get the icon that indicates where the dungeon is, anyways, then i decided to check out group finder which i could access from the map after that point, i did, and there were no dungeons and about 3 players surrounding the dungeon, i created a group and about 10 mins 2 people joined then about 15 minutes later backed out due to taking too long and there not being any players interested… Then i see players spamming chat still “looking for group” making group finder completely irrelevant and defeating its purpose.

I think this could easily be solved if they made some changes to group finder.
I think they need to add group finder to the UI under game modes tab, and allow players
to create a group for ANY dungeon they want, and players could then just see all the active groups available and be incentivized as there would be SO many more groups.
realisitically, most level 60’s don’t care that much about what dungeon they’re gonna do,
they may a little bit, but any dungeon is better than none, and i do believe there would be a lot more groups and there would be lots for any dungeon If this was a feature under the game modes UI tab, people wouldn’t have to navigate every expedition, looking through every one to find a group, there are lots of expeditions, and this is very decentivizing. I’m not quite sure this why this feature was implemented so poorly and is so discouraging, idk about other servers but I’m on El Dorado and literally nobody uses it at all and still spams in chat to look for a group, defeating its purpose entirely.

I think group finder was a much needed feature and is good at its core but the fact you have to navigate the dungeon you’re looking for and check every single one if there is a group is very tedious and discouraging, I truly believe if they just allowed you to make a group for any dungeon you wanted under game modes tab, this feature would be used SOOOO much more and it may even bring more players to the game as content is easily accessable.

Please change the group finder, i don’t want all your hard work to go to waste AGS, Thank you.


From what I’ve found, until they address the issue from day one (that chest runs are the only real way to get GS) there just will not be enough people queuing into dungeons. Dungeons have always been an afterthought. It’s really disappointing, and inconceivable why the devs continue to ignore chest runs.

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what? chest runs are not nearly as good as they were dungeons are so much better for expertise bumps and easier to run


On my server there’s always plenty of lobbies, and, when people advertise in global/recruitment chat, they still mention “lobby” most times. But I agree that having group finder menu in Modes along with OPR and Arena would be perfect.

Expeditions are much faster than chest runs.

Edit: for GS bumps

I know, but nobody else seems to know that. All I see all day are chest run queues.

Group finder was always DOA. It just servers as a easy dungeon launcher.

The group finder is actually great and I think designed very well and its problem is not it itself.

The game has very low server capacity. 2kish player. Take that into consideration along with the fact that there is what 8 dungeons…2 on weekly mutations so there is a possible of 28 dungeons people could all be running.

The population is small and on top of that it gets split up from the number of options.

One fix would be only mutate 1 dungeon a week. Or you know increase the potato server capacity.

Expertise runs?
Umm… Genesis is probably the fastest expertise in the game.

In the last week, I’ve been running that and doing most of the easy gypsum stuff (topaz, obsidian?, garnet, ruby, diamond, emerald)
I’ve gone from 520 armor to over 600, my weapons are 580+, jewelry 570+

I tried a chest run, I did an entire area and not a single bump.
Chest runs are dead imo. The only nice thing is that occasional nice drop it could have.
Back in the day they were great for crafting mats, but you can literally do better in any low-mid tier zone solo.

I agree.

Most people don’t know how to find the group finder, as a returning player I had to be told where to find it. That’s not good design.

The interface itself is decent, but I agree with OP, this should be in that “modes” screen.

I cannot tell you how many times I see groups across dungeons, that if they just consolidated… if they could just SEE each other, they would and a lot of this waiting would go away.
An option to auto form and queue up would be great, as well as a bonus to do a low level roulette style thing to help out new and returning players.
(Down scaling would be nice for this)
Don’t get me wrong, an incentive to do old dungeons in general would be great, but new players are going to need help and we should look to find a way to ensure they are not left behind.

There are a lot of things in this game that pit players against each other (Gathering, PVP, ect)… and anytime people have to compete for resources they can be pretty toxic.
Dungeons are one of the great examples of co-op play in this game, and I know I’m a carebear but I really wish AGS would give them along with raids and boss fight mechanics a ton of extra love.

Because like in most MMOs now days, the Dungeons usually has its share of toxic PvE elitists, that many rather avoid altogether and run the open world stuff that isnt as restricted and regulated by those elitists players.

The way muts and dungeons are set up is just bad.It splits up way to many people.I really doubt its ever gonna work with as many levels (m1-m10) as they have.They need to simplify it asap.The pioneering of group finder has been done by previous companies,just copy it already.

It’s the same in all those games (WoW,ESO,FF ect) because it works.
2 maybe 3 difficulty levels.normal,veteran,veteran hard mode.

let players select tank,dps,healer.

let people do random ques (all dungeons) or select specific dungeons.

And then make it actually search for other players.

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Yesterday I did M10 lazarus x 4 runs.

I picked any person which joined lobby room.

We did all runs for gold. Some 25 minutes, some 34 minutes.

Problem is just that PVE people who came back after a while making some standarts that even people like me, who has 625GS from April cant apply.

I do all mutations with resilient set because I am PVP player.

People don’t pick me because I don’t have ward set, when all it matters is gearscore :smiley:

Well for me it is easy fix, I just open my group and go there, but its literally community making this group finder even more clunky.

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