Group Finder Need to be upgraded

I’ve been playing NW a bit in beta, and when they added Group Finder, I was over the moon. Hover there is so much room for improvment that its shocking that Amazon implemeted only entry lever group finder.

I am working dad i have maybe 2-4h a day to play if i am lucky i spend at least 30min lookin for a party which is a damn joke to me.

I feel like in this age of MMORPGs, GF it’s its quiet important as its saves a lot of time ( For solo players mostly)

The only good thing about GF is that u can acctualy see poples GS stats and so on, Hoever people still spam on the chat regarding Tank/DPs/Healers are the groop finder is not acctualy group finder but its a damn Party Builder helps you to build better party FULL STOP.

However, what I think should be added is

Cross server Group finder - Where group finder looks for party accross all servers not only the one you are at

Tick the boxes where you chose the level of difficulty (mutations 1, 2, 3, and so on).

Being able to chose role and if party is looking for that role it will Notify Leader about it so he can send you inv or you get added automacitly.

Those are just simple suggestions for shorter waiting times, and I think those are important. There is still room to improve this system, and I am sure there are people here who will have even better ideas.

Please give your opinions, and I really hope Amazon will do something regarding this.