Group Finder - Quality if life improvement

The group finder is a pretty great addition, but what I’d like to see is a list on the left side to allow to switch between all the expeditions. Going back to the map is very annoying when you are just looking what expeditions has groups ongoing. Lets call it a “universal group finder”.
It’s not for everyone as some players run a single instance exclusively, but I usually run what’s available.

On a side note to that, I would also like a “queue me for anything” option, with some criteria I can fill. For example : “queue me for any dungeon level 60 regular”, or “queue me for any dungeon with mutation 1 to 5”. Again, I usually don’t care what I run, I just enjoy expeditions :wink:

It feel like it would be a great quality of life addition to the group finder and might make it easier to use. Would make it less necessary to spam the recruitment chat if looking for a expedition to run would be made easier.

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