Group Finder/Builder and Cross Server Functionalities

I would recommend to start considering building some kind of functionality that allows players to see build a group for some kind of activity and shows details of the people that are in the group and also shows the people are are looking to build a group and what they need; Every game have this there are group finders, dungeon finders etc.
It would be more much better and Interesting if this feature works cross servers, there are games where I can join a dungeon group from a different server I could also go help on a PvP event in a server that is low of people; This is really a problem solver because it brings more probabilities to find a group.

I hope the Idea above comes useful in the future.
Have a wonderful day <3

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Game needs a group finder, otherwise the only people who do anything are the loud “cool” kids.

OPR has/is a group finder. They’re starting to do it. Just need it for other activities.

I am sure they will figure out a way to solve that, but it will take some time sadly :frowning:

@Senior_Junior Most Games have this or they enable something very fast.

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