Group invites not visible

Long story short if anybody sends an invite to me I never see it show up, I have had my entire faction try to send me invites to a party and nothing will ever show on my screen at any point.

Is there a fix to this… do I need to purge something?!

Hello @Vepar777 ,

Greetings to you! :handshake:

I am sorry to know about the issue.

I request you to kindly check the following settings-

  • Social> Hide Social Notification Banners > Off

  • Social> Automatic Invite Rejection> Off

    • If it is “On” , please make sure that Block group Invites should be “Off”.

If your current settings are already same as required, please share a screenshot of the social settings section so that we can check this further.

Take care! :evergreen_tree:

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