Group on Olympus intentionally scamming players of their orbs, not paying them

Source: New World 2022.02.06 -

These players bait others into using their orbs claiming they are going to buy them, then just ruin the orb and don’t pay them.

Not enough context here. Watching the video doesn’t reveal anything malicious.

If we are honest with ourselves then we know what type of behavior emerges in an anonymous consequence free environment. This is not proof but it does not surprise me. I have also seen such claims in global on Eden that people are scamming orbs. Shocker? NO!

It clearly shows them baiting a guy for his orb and not paying him then starting the dungeon and leaving it to ruin the timer.

I should add, if this is ‘not proof’, then there is no way to prove someone ever scams an orb. AGS can look these guys up and look at chat logs.

Eden got all of Valhalla’s scumbags. I have no doubt that this stuff happens. Kids are terrible to each other.

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