Group Questing needs improvement

Been playing with my wife and have had many frustrating moments while questing.

Right off the bat, gaining the same missions off the town or faction boards doesn’t seem possible. This needs to be adjusted. There’s no reason for a group of players to all receive quests that take them in the opposite direction while grouped. A group toggle or something would be good.

I read somewhere else that there was a lot of pushback against shareable quests due to streamers and power levellers. Seems odd to design a core game mechanic around a twitcher, if thats true.

When we group we want to pick up a few quests and run out in the same direction, finish them off then back for round two. Just like every other major MMO has ever done. Being forced to spend the extra time to run around for me to get mine and her to get hers is silly. As a solo player I could manage this all much faster.

Secondly, you need shared trophy bags. There have been 3 named creatures to kill on quests that required looting or skinning it for credit. Only one of us has been able to.

For a game thats going for social interaction and group play as much as New World seems to be… You arent making a joint questing experience very enjoyable.

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