Growing crops and transportation suggestion

I really enjoy the game so far but what really bugs me is the fact that I have to farm herbs in order to get pepper, thyme, dill and so on. Some houses have these little backyards or frontyards and I really would love to make use of them by growing crops and herbs. This could be another mechanic and you could balance this, so rare items stay rare. But for me it would be a blast! It would give the housing system a purpose and I mean a real purpose, not just having it for some trophys and quicktravel. You would actually need to be in your house to do something.

Also some sort of transportation vessel would be great! A lot of players really have storage problems, me either. This comes from the stupid low tier materials we need for high level crafting. This alone is ridiculous and some guy made a topic about this and showed what you need in order to make a end level axe. But for that reason and would love to have a wagon with an ox or donkey to transport my goods from one town to another. I don´t want full speed on this thing. Maybe -30% of the running speed now.

I hope this inspires you a bit (if you even read this).

I hope gramma and everything else is ok and understandable. English is not my native language but I wanted everyone being able to read and respond to this.

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