GS 625 vs low GS players


I enjoy new world a lot but I have a life and for me the leveling of my GS goes like very slow. I’m like between 500 and 550 GS depending the item.

The thing is that I couldn’t play for about one and a half week and yesterday I could finally login to play. Then I went to OR to do some pvp, but if before was already difficult for me to fight people now was like very very difficult.

Some people was hitting me for like 40% of my hp + dot. I had like to really stay behind and somehow help doing ridiculous damage with my bow.

I know is the same for every mmo. Gear is very important, but this time was like there is huge difference. Like I really have no chance at all.

I think this is a very sad situation because when I login to play I want to have the feeling I’m relevant, I want to have the feeling I’m contributing in win OR in a significant way. But what I really feel is that if we win is not because of me is because I was lucky to be in the wining team.

I know that the way to 625 is a thing that will keep people entertaining for a long time, but for casual players is very deadly and demotivating.

Are there plans in the horizont to help casual players to don’t feel so underpowered in pvp or they have to row it up even if when they finally manage it to get to the 625 you will already incremented it to 700?

These are only my thoughts. Because if I continue playing for the next 8 months to get 625 at least I would like to know that there are no intentions any more to increment GS or add any new thing that will increment the difference of power between casuals and people without life. Otherwise for me is better to cut it now than continue.


This. PVP is insanely unfairly weighted right now. It ruins it before it even begins. It makes no sense. GS should be normalized to 500 for everyone inside certain PVP instances.


I empathize with the struggle of getting gear score up and facing overgeared players…

But from the perspective to the 625-ish gs pvper, they worked hard for that gear. Why is it wrong that they benefit from their hard work?


High level pvp players have the advantage of legendary gear at > 600 with 3 perks.


Not all upgraded gear is legendary — it depends on what you happen to have and what you value. I have some 620 purple armor pieces, for example, in my main pvp set.

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It’s not wrong. Maybe its too much of a gap though. If someone is chunking the player for half of their health and the other player is hitting like a wet noodle then its not very fun. Some players will drive themselves for the gear while others will quit. When said gear takes months to become effective though… Even some of those that had the initial drive will probably quit.

Players need to at least feel like they can compete with skill and not be blocked by a gear disadvantage.


yeah for sure. also idk what kind of advice players get, but if I had low gear score in PVP right now I would absolutely make sure to run medium armor + 150 or ideally 200 constitution. I just wonder if a lot of new pvpers are accidentally doing some glass cannon build.


Its a video game. No one is working hard. Thay are having fun getting that gear because they can dump enormous amounts of time into something they enjoy doing.


Okay chill with that. You don’t like that I called it “hard work” to get good gear but fundamentally is is a form of progression that took time and effort. And good games reward you for that time and effort. That is the case here.


I agree and I dont think its wrong for them to be ahead. I just actually work hard for a living so yeah, that bothered me a little. The op is right about the gap being too much though.


Do we know what the formula is in pvp? I don’t know how much the gs affects damage…

Difference is huge and do not forget perks too which are also way more difficult to loot/get out of mutation too this day.

Point is again people thinking its ok do not want fair pvp. As a matter of fact pvp is so depending on gold/stuff/luck/grindingHell instead of skill.

Gear should only matter on pve not pvp otherwise we are in a throne somulator which is to be honest one of the worst model. Rich people will dominate no matter what.


It’s not wrong, and they should benefit -somewhat-.

That said, the majority of people who play games (any game really) are not playing them like first jobs or even second jobs. They are playing them a few hours a week or a few hours a day. Games should ensure that these people can still enjoy the game because they are who provide the majority of the money that keep the servers alive and ticking.

Competitive games modes need to tread that fine line of giving the hardcores a slight advantage without making it so overwhelming that the mode just becomes unfun for everyone else.

Also keep in mind that someone wearing 625 should (in theory) have much more experience and skill from the large amount of playtime. This alone should be sufficient advantage for a competent player.


I think most of you are forgetting that you’re probably not even going in with an optimal loadout. You’re comparing your effectiveness vs someone who probably made sure they have the right gems, the right perks and right armor split vs someone who just has 500ish GS that’s going in with what they got.

It’s not about GS alone, they are probably just more prepared.


They’ve avoided doing this because they thought they were “way too creative” for it.

Every other variation has been tried with the most recent change being this version of how the damage is calculated. Used be able to own level 60s as a level 50 in worse gear.

Green gear used to be better than any pvp gear and they didn’t know about it.

The lower the gear more def and less dmg you took. Look how far we’ve come lmao.

What’s your gear? Light or medium?

PvP is supposed to have your gear score scale to whomever your fighting.

I have an idea for that. OPR sessions could be divided into 3 groups according to average expertise level.
For example;

  1. Group; 600 and+
    2.Group; 599-550
    3.Group 549-500

NW was supposed to be a pvp friendly game, right?

Think about what a new player or even a casual just hitting 60 has to go through before ANY meaningfully balanced pvp can occur.

No pvp instances or wars before 60. Flagging and getting randomly ganked by 60s while leveling will likely be your only exposure to pvp 1-60.

You finally hit 60, guess what? You still aren’t close to being ready for meaningful pvp.

You used to be able to buy good gear at the TP and be competitive fairly quickly. That’s no longer the case.

Now, a month’s long slog through a convoluted system with terrible loot tables to farm gypsum, do endless pve chest runs, raise expertise, raise gear score to get closer to 590 so you can run finally do dungeons and raise your scores closer to 600. There is no endgame pvp gear you can buy through pvp activities. Hell, you still haven’t actually pvped yet. Then after the big grind you finally hit 590-600-ish so you can finally buy good gear and compete somewhat evenly in pvp, and now you have…a new gear score benchmark of 625, a new convoluted system(umbral shards) done through pve-centric gameplay, a gear-scaling system that makes the 625 gear much better than yours, and yet another (pve, not pvp) grind to go through before you can engage in any meaningfully balanced pvp.

MMOs require some grinding, I get that. However, new grinds, obstacles, convoluted systems, the introduction of expertise, gear score raises make it harder and harder to catch up. People that hit 60 early had it much easier in comparison. For anyone that wasn’t here at launch and geared up before the changes, NW is NOT a pvp-friendly game.


I’d like to know how much GS impacts it.

I run a glass noodle build where I can only hit fellow light users for over 2k.

Against medium/heavy I hit very low and they will hit me for 2-3k I only keep playing light as I like rolling.

Good post Tatsuma - I am in the same boat as you. I enjoy OPR and there is nothing wrong with a supporting role. When I see two heavyweights duking it out a few good musket hits may make a difference for your teammate. Also choose melee opportunities selectively - when your gang has the momentum, join in. You can also gather materials. No ego here, if I am near the bottom of the rankings, no worries. Although sometimes there is no post-match reward even for an active contribution and this needs to be fixed.

Over time, I would expect some adjustments as servers merge and the OPR participants increase. But won’t be surprised to see an evolving GS above 625.

I would suggest to AGS to increase the pace of GS advancement and also focus on the gear that you are using rather than the entire range of weapons that I will probably never use.