Guardian's Resolve

Got this as a drop today, I can’t remember but is t his worth turning legendary and hanging on to?
I was out farming Heka for the Regular pants and heka ring, got both today and then I don’t really remember how I got this sword but looked pretty cool

You can type in google “guardians resolve new world” and it pops up on nwdb, same for any weapon/gear. Or just use the website to check legendary status directly.

Definitely worth

Yea I get that, but I am new to the game and I have no idea if any of those perks are even good. I did manage to find 1 video and the guy said it’s an okay sword.

Thank you

In general, SNS wants refreshing move to taunt spam (+ it’s good in general vs aoe if you’re ability dependent).
Bane is the highest dmg perk you can get generally (more dmg = more threat).
And thwarting strikes is amazing dmg if you are 300 str, but terrible if you are not - most tanks will run 300str 200con

It’s by far the best named tank sword vs corrupted for everyone that runs 300str 200con. If you need hated just run it on your shield, but hated is a crutch perk

I wouldn’t call it a crutch perk, it has its uses depending on your tanking style. There is more than one way to tank, depending on your group composition.

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Exactly. 250 Str 260 Con tank who regularly did gold M10s, last week I did 20, and dont even bother with banes or weapon swapping. Tired of their dumbass gear bloat and inventory management SIM. I run 1 sword, shield, and hammer and have zero issues. Sword was always refreshing move + hated, hammer was Sundering Shockwave + Trenchant Recovery, shield was tower obviously with Sturdy + Sturdy Energy + Fortifying Shield Rush. Screw swapping weapons around 24/7, was obnoxious and 100% not needed as a tank. Not to mention a gold sink and shard waste upgrading that many weapons

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OP, if you want to absolutely min/max, then chasing Bane + Ref Move is your ideal setup. 3rd perk is flexible.

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