Guild exploiting company creation to keep territories and toxic behavior

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  • What is your character name in New World: Cleber Espada
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Taparloka
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Toxic behavior and using game mechanics as it wasn’t intended
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In my relatively small SA server, Taparloka, we have a company - THE PURGE - that is bringing a LOT of problems. I’m not sure if other servers is having the same issues, in on level or another, but here’s is what’s happening. First and foremost, in the early days they quickly rose to controversies. At first, they supposedly borrowed money from other companies from the same faction to buy territories (green), failing to keep their promise to pay back later. I can’t confirm, because i wasn’t playing yet. But I can confirm is that it was super common to saw them around using fishing bots. Then something happened and they switched faction to yellow and all went to ***.

They left the original green company empty and ‘win traded’ their 3 territories back to them as a yellow company. Fair enough, it was there originally one could say. But then, reports from yellow guys said that they faked help defending other yellow territories, forcing the land to switch to a color that they could attack and keep to themselves.

All and all, it’s all toxic behavior on my book, but maybe not really and exploit. But something is happening right now that I DO believe it’s an exploit. A company can only set one time for their defenses. I believe that’s so they HAVE to slit resources to defend them and make it hard to keep multiples territories. But, they now are on their forth guild (“The purge”, “Damn, its the the purge”, “Not the purge”, “The purge again”), and the trend is bound to continue. Each guild has a different defense time, one hour from each other, so they can always defend without any issues. One could say that they can war every time, but well… They attacked 3PM on a monday, business time.

People on the server are furious. Only them, and wasps around them that feed on the toxicity is amazing themselves over and over. With all the things that I said, they had a head start, probably a combination of having more time to play, using exploits and even maybe being better at the game too, why not? And as time goes, they are continuously pushing themselves even farther ahead. Hell, with all their 4 territories, and soon to be 5, they can ever fund themselves to ridiculous amounts of snowballs. Some people already left the game, others pondering changing servers once it and what’s worse, they are proud of it.

For amazon: let the community handle the toxicity and the catch-up. All I ask is to give the community the tools to do so and for sure we’ll motivate do crush those bad apples. But with so many exploits, and being SO far ahead on the level/gear race and with the gap increasing, that’s not possible.

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